13: Fear Is Real Premiere

by Mindy Monez January 8, 2009
Winter Pilot Season: 13: Fear Is Real They all run off to find their partners, and they all do, but the specific action in this part is far less important than this: the video recorders given to them are meant to disguise the blatant camera crews that are following them, and the show just kind of carelessly flips back and forth between said camera crews and the video recorders, which are of clearly and vastly different video quality and you'd have to be pretty retarded not to notice that. And that's just one of the many, many, fake and stupid things about this fake and stupid show. I really do miss Crusoe right now.

Anyway, Kelly and Lauren end up getting to the mannequin last. They are the losers of this "ritual" and will have to face the dreaded "Execution Ceremony." Lauren tells us that being tied up and gagged alone in the woods was terrible. Thanks for the heads up.

The execution ceremony is for later, I guess, because now everyone's back in the cabin, trying to sleep under mosquito nets, when the lights go off and they all scream. But apparently it's just lights out, like in jail, so it's OK. Then they sleep all night, and... nothing happens and then it's the next day. Well, one thing happens during the night, actually. Leah gets up and says "I have to go to the bathroom" out loud in the middle of a cabin full of sleeping people, as one does, and goes outside and just starts screaming "THIS ISN'T FUNNY! I DON'T LIKE IT! LAURENNNNNNNN!" I don't know why she does this, but I bet it has something to do with the producers telling her to do those things. And since when are she and Lauren best friends? Lauren's condemned anyway, Leah. She's got her own crap to worry about. Anyway, they go back inside. Done.

And it's morning! Everyone is very excited that it's not dark anymore. We also see a closeup shot of what I think is Laura's butt in a pretty rad heart bikini as she pulls her mini-shorts on. Gratuitous and unnecessary, but I am jealous of that heart bikini.

Then they all just sit around talking about how scary the night before was for awhile. The only notable thing is Lauren saying sometimes she gets so nervous she starts puking all over herself.

Nasser starts wandering around away from the group clearly looking for something but acting like he isn't looking for something, like there's any sort of possibility that anyone watching this is even remotely buying this crap, but anyway he finds a rusty cage with a box in it and a tape recorder on top of it, and a speaker in the tree above it. He plays the tape recorder, and the sound magically comes out of the speaker, and it's Jigsaw again! Hi Jigsaw! Jigsaw says the box inside the rusty cage is "The Death Box." Whoever possesses The Death Box can kill off three other guests, but if you're revealed as the killer, you automatically go to the Execution Ceremony with Kelly and Lauren, and nobody wants that. The goal is to steal The Death Box with no one noticing.

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