Fall Pilot Season: CW's Sunday Night Lineup

by Angel Cohn October 6, 2008
CW Sunday Night Lineup Premiere

Grace doesn't actually deal with the mortals, unless she needs something from them. Like the romance novelist who Grace enlists to work at Valentine, Inc by giving her an orgasm, just by shaking her hand. Now that's a job interview. Grace's pouty kid Danny, (aka Eros/Cupid) the god of erotic love, is annoyed that his spiffy laser love gun has been taken away from him, and that he's forced to go to Grace's new girl for help making mortal love matches. Together, with the help of Phoebe, a seer who reads the Oracle at Delphi (a pool in their house), and Leo (Hercules) they help out the couples that are sent to them by the fates. Even if it involves posing as plumbers and taking an unsuspecting guy out to the bachelorette party of the girl he's in love with. Each week will be a new couple, torn apart by whatever reason. It's like, but for the gods.

There were moments of cuteness, but mostly it is forgettable. It makes me worried though that people who see this and tune out, won't be receptive when Rob Thomas' Cupid redux hits the airwaves in the spring. Because the idea of a god having issues and living in mortal world can be done well... but not so much here.

Easy Money
I was most hopeful about this one because Laurie Metcalf is starring in it and I adore her. That didn't really help. Basically she and her family are running a loan shark business, collecting on bonds and all that fun stuff. It seems like an attempt to do something edgy like Sons of Anarchy or Breaking Bad, but it doesn't really push any envelopes. They are occasionally seen doing scandalous things like visiting a strip club, or having fights, but it never quite gets there.

Laurie is the matriarch (who has appalling orange hair), and head of customer service, Bobette Buffkin. She's the keeper of the gate at their loan company. But while she clearly seems to be in charge here, she and the family mysteriously decide to keep the fact that they own the place they operate a secret from the world. Something about how they are taking advantage of people who need money and then the Buffkin clan lives the high life when the loanees can't pay up. Metcalf's kids and husband work for her in various capacities: there's Roy (the husband) who seems to do hmm... collections?; Cooper, who is good with computers; Brandy, who is involved with her hair and does... something; and then Morgan Stanley. Yes, Bobette named her kid after the financial company because she expected big things from him. He looks like what I imagine Frankie Muniz will look like in his mid-20s and he seems to be the brains of the operation, tasked with keeping the peace. But he's so not interested in being a "shylock." He'd rather learn things, and flirt with a sexy young geneticist who once got killed by Locke on Lost. There's some subplot about him maybe being adopted, and it was supposed to be a big cliffhanger, but I just really couldn't care less.

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