Do No Harm: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Snide

by Angel Cohn February 1, 2013
Do No Harm: Pilot Review

Samm Levine (who goes by Josh here) is his assistant and scurries around after him, running down his schedule for the next day. Jason brushes him off to go see his drug dealer... well, his high class drug dealer. He's a bearded doctor type named Ruben (Lin-Manuel Miranda) who is working on clinical drug trials and seems to be in charge of medically handling Jason's "condition". "Handling it" currently seems to mean handing Jason bottles of medicine that will put him in a medically induced coma for the night. Ruben tries to alert Jason to some peculiar test results, but Jason has things to do.

His fancy digital watch is ticking down, but Dr. Solis (Alana De La Garza) stops him to wish him a happy birthday. He seems confused until she admits she learned it from Google. Guess a busy neurosurgeon who has to cram his whole life into 12 hours a day doesn't have time for Facebook. Anyway, she invites him out for drinks, but he says he's going to church.

And he does? Well, a church basement anyway, where a support group meeting is being held. He gets there as the meeting is ending and is gently chastised by Will. But then they do a whole lot of exposition and rehashing about how Jason has dissociative identity disorder, and explaining that knocking himself unconscious is the only way he can live a normal life without his alter, Ian Price, intervening. Will wants answers as to why this is happening to him, but Jason just says that's how it has been for "as long as he can remember." Which makes me wonder: which came first? If he doesn't necessarily remember a time before Ian, was Jason around and then Ian's personality emerged? Or was Ian the original person and Jason is the altar tried to come in and bring out the goodness in them? That's not really answered in the pilot, but maybe over time? Or maybe no one cares but me.

Will gets to hear how Jason likes a girl, Dr. Solis, but can't really be dating with his limited schedule. His watch beeps a 45 minute countdown and Will advises him to go be normal for the rest of the day before he takes his 12 hour nap drugs.

He goes to the bar -- guess the church is nearby? And he and Dr. Solis start flirting and talking about why they went into the medical field. We get a smidge more insight into Jason, who says that when he was younger he hurt someone and being a doctor is his way of making up for it. She pushes for more details and hell, this is the most interesting development on the show so far, so I'd also appreciate more info. But he's saved by the bell, or in this case, the beeping of his watch. He gets up to leave. She wants him to stay and asks if there's someone else and he says, "You could say that." Groan. Still, he moves in for a kiss, but ends up hunched over in pain and his watch says he's only got 12 minutes to get home before Ian clocks in for his shift.

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