Do No Harm: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Snide

by Angel Cohn February 1, 2013
Do No Harm: Pilot Review

He hurries out of the bar and stumbles home. But as he goes to inject himself, he drops his precious vial of coma meds under the bed. He scrambles and does the injection with mere seconds left... but it didn't take. All of those erratic levels that Ruben was going on about before must have actually meant something. Jason quickly realizes that there's trouble, but we don't know what since we only see the aftermath the next morning, which includes his insanely big apartment being trashed, Jason in bed with three women, passed out people all over the place and scratch marks down his back. Jason gets little flashes of the fighting, drugs and sex that happened, but not enough to give him the whole picture. The look on Jason's face makes it evident that he's well familiar with Ian's wild ways.

He runs into work, wearing a shirt covered in blood. Could he not even change before he left the house? And did he just leave all the hungover people laying there or did he bother to usher them out the door before he left? Anyway, poor Josh sees his disheveled state and Jason just rattles off a list of tests he wants and for Josh to schedule him for a vasectomy. You'd think if he'd gone through this before and was worried about unwillingly knocking someone up, that he'd have done that before he got his alter under "control". And the vasectomy won't help with STDs. Too bad he can't give Ian a lecture on safe sex.

While Josh is able to clear some of his schedule, Jason still has to see patients. Ass-hat doctor, whose name is Dr. Jordan, continues to be a total prick, even belittling a stuttering doctor during the middle of rounds in front of patients and other colleagues. Jason mostly ignores him. Jason also goes to Lena and they see a patient who has some sort of tennis injury. Afterwards, he tells Lena that his near vomiting and headlong rush out of the bar had nothing to do with her. She thinks he's not interested in her, but is very concerned about his well-being and his messy, sweaty state. She writes her number on a prescription pad (though prescribing some anti-anxiety meds would have been my first course of action) and tells him to call if he needs her.

Jason then heads off to Ruben, who says that Ian has become immune to the coma drugs. Jason is rightly concerned, because Ian wants revenge for the last several years being kept at bay and has plans on ruining Jason's life. How exactly does he know that? The glimpses of the trashed apartment led us to believe that Ian wanted to live a partying life and seemed to have little concern for Jason at all. Ruben says he's been trying to up the dosages, but a larger dose would kill Jason.

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