Do No Harm: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Snide

by Angel Cohn February 1, 2013
Do No Harm: Pilot Review

So even though he only worked what seemed like five minutes that day, he leaves the hospital, gets in a taxi and tells the driver to get as far from the city as possible. He gives the man at the front desk of the seedy motel his wallet and cell phone and says a messenger is coming to get them. That's very trusting considering that this guy looks to make barely minimum wage. He also tells the manager if he sees Jason's face later on, walk the other way.

In the hospital, the poor guy who had his brain cut open by Jason earlier in the episode gets out of bed and sees in the mirror that his face looks like one of Picasso's Cubist period paintings. The guy freaks the hell out and has to be restrained to get back in his bed.

Back at the no-tell motel, Jason is in the shower and in the steamy glass door he writes the words "Do No Harm." Seconds later, his facial expression changes and we see Ian wipe that away.

Ian puts back on the bloody shirt from before, even though Jason had asked Josh to find him something clean to wear. Then Ian goes into a smashing rage when he discovers that Jason didn't leave him with money or a credit card or anything. The only thing he finds is the piece of paper with Lena's number on it. So he gives her a call, pretends to be Jason and invites her over. She of course goes to him, and Ian is quite impressed with Jason's taste in women. Ian then gets some flashes of how Jason is with Lena (so the flashes go both ways) and starts seducing her. He claims that he picked this seedy out of the way place was strategy to give her time to fantasize about him. And then undresses her and pushes her up against the wall.

At 8:25 in the morning, Jason wakes up coughing with a shoe full of cigarette butts next to him. Then we cut to work where Josh says everyone's looking for him, he needs to see all his patients and he's confused about why Jason had a package with this cell phone delivered to himself. I'm just impressed with not only the messaging service's skills (especially after watching Premium Rush), but also that the hotel manager person didn't take the cash and credit cards and run. Jason ignores Josh's questions, which seems to be the dynamic of their relationship, and instead just tells Josh to change all of his passwords and freeze all of his bank accounts and get him nicotine patches and gum. Josh didn't know his boss smoked, and Jason replies with a gruff "I don't." Poor Josh... he really has a shitty job.

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