Do No Harm: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Snide

by Angel Cohn February 1, 2013
Do No Harm: Pilot Review

Jason goes back to the hospital and tells the tennis woman that she could have been paralyzed, and says that she's been with her husband for 30 years and she can't separate herself from him "no more than I could cut off an arm or a leg." Well, that's a little annoyingly on the nose considering Jason's current situation. I wish this show had a time clock on the screen, 24-style. It looks dark outside her window and who knows how far the train ride to visit Olivia was. Seeing the clock would make me a lot more excited that he's going to flip out and kill a patient. She says that she just wants her husband to stop, but Jason says he won't. He tries to give a report to a policeman who walks in the room, but turns out that's the abusive husband.

Jason chases after Phylicia Rashad, who chastises him for missing board meetings and their lunch. The analog clock on the wall says it's about 7:30. He says that he's got a domestic abuse victim who is being released to her husband a cop. He wants to keep her there, but Dr. Young says it is out of his hands and he needs to let it go. She says "every doctor has limitations" and tries to keep his ego in check.

He goes to see Ruben, who found him a cell to go in for the night (a lockdown room), where he can wait until he perfects a new drug. Just like in all the show's with werewolves. Jason is not down with that and he leaves. So much for Ruben's help, I guess?

Jason goes to abused tennis lady's house. The husband answers the door and Jason starts threatening the guy. He gives the dude a one-minute warning to call the cops and turn himself in, saying that after that he'll turn into someone not so nice. Guess it's 8:24, then? Cop husband starts beating the crap out of Jason, then Ian comes in. And takes a second to assess the situation, "Are we fighting? Is this a fight?" (which actually made me laugh out loud) and then starts whaling on the guy. I guess Ian is useful, because the cop promises that he won't ever touch his wife again.

Ian gets paged for surgery and laughs that this is funny, because he isn't even a surgeon. He goes to the hospital where Dr. Jordan is and naturally Dr. Jordan gives him the usual amount of requisite shit about his behavior. Apparently, the awake craniotomy has been scheduled for that night. And no one thought it was weird that a doctor who always operates during the day suddenly might have to do a rare and dangerous surgery at night when he has his known diabetic issues? The other problem is that Ian doesn't have the skills to operate. He also doesn't know how to interact with people and says that Dr. Jordan must have a small penis and that he shouldn't take out his size issues on everyone around him. The other nameless doctors and interns look on in awe. Then he says he's trying to ruin his career, scrubs up and grabs a scalpel saying "Let's have some fun."

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