Do No Harm: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Snide

by Angel Cohn February 1, 2013
Do No Harm: Pilot Review

A nurse questions Dr. Cole on why he suddenly wants music in the OR, but he shrugs her off. Guess neither he nor Jason like to answer many questions. The problem comes when he has to do his glucose test. He resists, but the medical staff is pretty insistent. It recognizes him as going into diabetic shock and they shoot him with a ton of insulin... and he passes out. Well, that's convenient. Why didn't he and Ruben plan to do that every night instead of giving him coma drugs?

He wakes up to Ruben at his bedside, who says that everything went to crap. But Jason planned the whole thing, moving up the surgery and knowing he'd fail the test because personality effects body chemistry. Aggression triggers adrenaline, which makes him look like he's having a diabetic coma. Jason's ready to get to work, but Ruben says that he shouldn't go into surgery after being unconscious for 10 hours.

We see Jason in the OR, ready to operate on a wide awake Donald. Might the patient not have a few misgivings after seeing his surgeon fall to the ground after being shot up with insulin just a few hours earlier? Even if he can't recognize faces, he surely would have been aware as to what was happening. Jason instructs too-nice Donald to tell him everything about his daughter in order to keep them aware of his language pathways. He's going on about his daughter's birthday and then abruptly stops talking, Jason moves some brain matter around and fixes it. Outside the OR, Dr. Jordan starts doing a background check on Jason, calling the old hospital he worked at. To find out if he insulted the size of anyone else's penis size before?

Tennis elbow lady comes in and thanks him, but only with a wave? Why not actually speak to him? Then Donald is recovered and able to recognize his family. At some vague time presumably later that day, Jason stands outside waiting for Lena to leave. He wants to know what Ian did. She doesn't buy the whole "that wasn't me in the motel room." And frankly, who could blame her? He says he ran out of medication for his condition. She wants to know why to believe him and he says he's a terrible liar. Usually he's more just about avoiding the issues. She asks if he remembers kissing her and pushing her against the wall? He doesn't and worries that this turned into a date rape situation, but it didn't. Instead, she pushed Ian away and he laughed at her. Humiliating? Absolutely. Enough to jump ten feet in the air and run in the other direction when you see the guy? Maybe not. Jason assures her that she'll never see that side of him again. So... until next week?

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