Do No Harm: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Snide

by Angel Cohn February 1, 2013
Do No Harm: Pilot Review

Ruben says he's almost got a new drug ready. But Jason doesn't want to control Ian, he wants him eradicated. He wants to do it, no matter the dangers and whatever. He's got a plan to let Ian think he's free before killing him. This apparently involves making a video for Ian that's a "peace offering." He wants them to lead their own lives and not be entirely destructive. That seems likely.

The next morning, we're outside Olivia's house and she has a cute little son in adorably too-small pajamas who is probably about five years old. He drops his monkey toy outside and we see Ian in the bushes. He picks up the toy and then the boy comes back out, all unsupervised and the like. The mom is worried about a homicidal stranger who is known to be targeting her and she lets her kid go outside alone? And its daylight out, so what is it... like, seven in the morning? She should be keeping better track of her kid, especially if she's aware of the 8:25 time clock. Ian asks the boy his name and cute innocent child replies, "It's Cole." Ian hands back the monkey with a warning that monkeys have been known to eat their young.

And that's it for the pilot. I really think that Steven Pasquale does a fantastic job in this role. His transformations between personalities are absolutely seamless. The problems I have are with almost everything else, like the logistics of him being head of neurosurgery when he is maybe in the hospital 10 hours a day, and judging by a scan of the Internet and my extensive knowledge of medical TV dramas, neurosurgeries and subsequent patient care can take a long time... sometimes even more than the allotted 12 hours he has. Does he pass those off to other people? And how did he make it through an internship that has notoriously long hours while only working 12 hours a day? Did he always have this diabetic excuse at the ready? Could he not have practiced a different sort of medicine or focused more on research or something? Actually operating on patients seems like a major leap that this show wants us to make. And does Jason not care that if he goes through with this "plan," he could easily be showing up at work while still high from the cocaine or other assorted drugs that Ian is taking? Or can that be explained away by "brain chemistry" as well?

And even if there are explanations for those issues, Ian isn't really ever bad enough. Maybe its because he's on network TV, but he's barely even at a Christian Troy level of maliciousness. The previews for upcoming episodes make it look like he likes womanizing and spending lots of money. That's how he's destroying Jason's life? Making him more interesting? The horror! I want him to be more twisted like Dexter, but that's not likely to fly off of pay cable. And frankly, Jason -- while all nice with the bedside manner to patients and whatnot -- seems like kind of a jerk to Josh, so maybe there aren't enough differences between their personalities. Especially since Jason "uses" Ian to do his dirty work and Ian says the things that Jason just really wants to say. I'll give this show another episode or two, but I'm not exactly hopeful that it will be the dark show I want it to be, and instead will be just a traditional procedural with a classic literature twist.

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