This Show's Lucky To Be Alive

by admin August 13, 2009
Dollhouse: Epitaph One

...but it's interrupted by a loud banging, as someone is attempting to break through a concrete wall the Dollhouse denizens erected to keep those that would harm them out. As the barrier starts to give way, Victor and others take up arms in front of it. Laurence Dominic, to my disappointment, is not on hand, but the badass factor comes into play when Adelle appears and takes the point position. But in a moment, she lowers her weapon in surprise -- because it's Caroline coming through, followed by Ballard, and not to be sexist but nice to stand by and let the girl who's half your size do all the work, guy. Once inside, Caroline grits, "Home sweet home." Forgive me, but I don't get many chances to say this: Shut up, Caroline.

Claire is stitching up a gash in Caroline's leg as Caroline remarks that she didn't expect to see her again, especially not after they fixed the scars on her face. She asks how that happened, and Claire sighs, "Long story." Nimble explanation indeed! Caroline says it's going to be tough to get everyone to "the compound," and adds, "The tech they need doesn't travel." I think she's talking about the mysterious Safe Haven as she goes on that no one's been printed at the compound. "We have Alpha to thank for that." Rather than shudder at the mention of the one that scarred her, Claire opts for dish, as she says, with a look at him and Victor out in the atrium, that she's surprised to see her with Ballard. Caroline replies that their exact level of "togetherness" is yet to be determined, but he's got her back. I know that's meant to be a good thing, but in this day and age all I can think about are those exceedingly painful-looking "birthmarks." Caroline then says she needs Topher to make a hard backup of her memories, but Claire somberly replies, "Topher doesn't go up there anymore." Nice way of letting Caroline know about the missing marbles. Claire tells Caroline she can do it, and Caroline says that's good, because she knows where Safe Haven is, and while she needs to keep it a secret at the moment, someone may need to know someday. Instead of telling her to shut up with the self-important speeches already, Claire opts for the practical question of how anyone that needs that information will know where to look. Caroline: "I'm workin' on that."

Out in the atrium, Ballard is arming and coaching the troops about what to do when they get outside, so it looks like they've decided fighting their way out is a better option than waiting to be taken. Meanwhile, Caroline marches around so purposefully she doesn't notice when she passes Adelle, so Adelle has to call after her, sardonically asking if she's come to "save the innocent lambs." Heh, when did she start hating Caroline? Adelle asks if Caroline's going to save her or kill her, and Caroline asks why she shouldn't do the latter. By the way, for all the shit I'm talking about Caroline, Eliza is far more convincing in this episode as that character than in any before, in my opinion. Adelle sighs that she's not going to try to talk her out of it -- her mind's made up. Caroline cocks her gun: "Yes. It is."

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