This Show's Lucky To Be Alive

by admin August 13, 2009
Dollhouse: Epitaph One

Instead of seeing whether Adelle gets shot through her not-so-stoic-anymore British head, though, we cut to Iris (or whoever) coming out of the chair, now possessed of Caroline's personality. I hope she doesn't insist on vomiting up the burger Iris had for lunch. No, instead there's an amusingly-delivered line about it being puberty all over again (this young actress is great), and after she learns what year it is, she turns and is overjoyed to see Whiskey -- until she realizes Claire is no longer inside her. Caroline hides her disappointment after a moment, though, and nicely thanks Whiskey for all her help. Whiskey, in an affecting callback, asks if she was her best, and Iris/Caroline smiles: "Better." There's plenty of acting talent on this show, to be sure, but Amy Acker rocks it every time, I'm telling you. Mag notes that Caroline knew Whiskey "before," and Caroline replies that she told her if she stayed, she'd lose her mind. "I guess she decided that was better." After noting that Caroline found a cure, Zoe asks where Safe Haven is, and after Caroline dismissively scoffs at the name, she says it's "far." Well, no one guessed it was down the street, kid. Although that would be pretty hilarious. Just then, there's a booming noise, and a fiery cloth or paper or something comes fluttering to the atrium floor from the hole through which they entered, letting us know someone's tripped the trap Griff left. Moments later, some of the Fighting Idiots invade the Dollhouse via ropes from above, so the group clears out -- except for Whiskey, who says, over Mag's repeated objections, that she needs to wait. Once on the balcony, Caroline, Mag, and Zone have a firefight with the Fighting Idiots below, leaving Whiskey to move undetected through a door on the other side and into a control room as the other three escape through the elevator shaft. They close the door behind them and start their climb to safety... Whiskey activates a number of gas jets. What exactly is in the brew at the moment is unclear, but at the very least, the gas knocks the Fighting Idiots out. As an ovary begins to sing, rather heartbreakingly, Whiskey goes back out to the balcony and settles down to her own sleep, or possibly death... the other three make it up to Adelle's old office. They look in a mix of wonder and horror at the ruined buildings that now make up Downtown L.A., although I think the tableau is many a morning commuter's secret fantasy. Mag asks a painfully on-the-nose rhetorical question I won't bother repeating, so let's instead skip ahead to the three of them finding a section of wall covered with pictures of Dolls, including all our old favorites, and the words "To Remember" written above them. Caroline takes a moment to examine a picture of herself: "I hope we find me alive." Yeah, seriously, because who's really supposed to be in Iris's (or whoever) body? Anyway, the three of them head for a convenient rope (actually, it looks like it's made of braided steel) ladder hanging in front of one of the broken windows, and climb...up? I get that they want to avoid their enemies below, but is the roof of this building in better shape than all the others? Doesn't matter, this was a pretty terrific episode, and I definitely want to see what's going to happen. You know, in the future. See you...then?

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