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by admin August 13, 2009
Dollhouse: Epitaph One

That was of course another chair memory, as we're back in the lab, and Zone is carving a tattoo into Iris's back that reads, "I am Iris Miller." That'll be a bitch to have removed. Mag explains that this is their way of seeing if a person is still who he says he is, in case they "need more Actuals," and adds that the mark makes her one of them. Iris replies that she wants to be like Zone, and when asked why, replies, "'Cause he's funny and mean." This is not helping with my Zone-crush, nor is the affectionate little pat on the head he gives Iris in response. Mag starts to leave, but Iris tells her they don't have to tattoo her dad -- he doesn't know who he is anymore. Nice little bit of misdirection there. For an episode that starts in an entirely alien landscape, it's written tight as a drum -- it not only doesn't get bogged down in a lot of exposition but also yields a bunch of great twists and turns. Anyway, Mag rejoins Griff, who asks how Iris is doing. Mag: "Tattoo is the least painful thing the girl's ever gone through." Okay, just because it's tight doesn't mean it doesn't clank in spots. Mag's going to need some better dialogue for Zone not to end up killing her. They move on quickly, though, as Mag notes that with the lack of any transmitted signals down there combined with the self-contained nature of the place, if they can only eliminate the threat inside, they could hole up in the place indefinitely. Griff's attention, however, is preoccupied by the fact that the threat may have found them -- and in the atrium, we see Whiskey, blood on her hands, who intones, "I found your friend." You'd think that wouldn't spook a soldier type, but she's bathed in eerie blue light and appears to be wearing Carrie White's prom dress, so you can forgive Griff for thinking that things are about to get ugly.

Griff, Mag, and Zone surround Whiskey with weapons at the ready, and from her stilted delivery and inability to recall her last name, they identify her as a Dumbshow - "a Dumbshow that bashed Lynn in the head," Zone adds. Griff, understandably skeptical of that assertion given Whiskey's rather challenged demeanor, asks if that's true, to which Whiskey merely repeats that she found her. Mag asks how she got down there, and after a moment of reflection, Whiskey replies, "I've always been here." By the way, her scars are gone here, and Zone continues to express his desire to mark her up again -- until Whiskey asks, "Are you looking for Safe Haven?" I can say there are no crickets living in the Dollhouse, because they definitely would have been heard in the moments following that question. After the three militants pick their jaws up off the floor, Griff opines that Safe Haven is a myth, but Whiskey hypnotically goes on that it's a place where no one can be changed. "You die as you were born. Heart in concert with the mind." Zone nervously points out that Whiskey is "empty," and indeed you have to wonder about the wisdom of believing words about Safe Haven uttered by someone who is clearly not "as she was born," but when Whiskey tells them she can show them the way, she's got them...

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