This Show's Lucky To Be Alive

by admin August 13, 2009
Dollhouse: Epitaph One

...until she takes them back to the chair, which is still housing Mr. Miller. When she tells them the chair is the way, Zone wants to kill her, and complains that they haven't even found any food. I'd probably be getting fairly homicidal myself were I in that situation. Whiskey, however, says she knows where to find food, and the lot of them ask where. Whiskey: "In the kitchen." Out of the mouths of Dumbshows, eh Zone?

Nice cut to Victor. It also fits the story. He's devoid of scars now as well, and is happily sampling some lobster in the kitchen as Topher looks at him like he's the world's biggest magnet. When Adelle presently joins them, Victor apologizes for calling the meeting to the kitchen, but he's allergic to shellfish so he's indulging in a real treat. Adelle is uncharacteristically slow on the uptake here, which is probably meant to underscore her disbelief that anyone would do what the guy's doing but doesn't really play, but anyway: The guy currently inhabiting Victor is "Mr. Ambrose," a Rossum higher-up, who apparently was delivered on a hard drive to Topher with instructions that he be imprinted into Victor in order to demonstrate Rossum's newest service -- upgrades. Yes, clients of the Dollhouse will now be able to leave their aged, broken, fat, or ugly bodies behind forever -- for only nine figures, they can buy an Active's body for permanent use. Adelle is horrified, and only gets more so when Ambrose goes on that the highest lawmakers in the world are their clients, and what they're doing will be perfectly legal within a year. Adelle snaps that they're still violating the laws of humanity, it's not what she set out to do, and she will not let him have that body -- "it belongs to another soul." Hey, I'm not getting sucked into another discussion of the soul in the Dollverse. It's technically still my summer vacation. Ambrose pointedly informs Adelle that now is the time to make a choice -- does she want to live on to see the next era of history, or...not? He opines that she and Topher both have earned their place on "the Ark," adding that Topher practically built it. For their parts, Adelle and Topher are each trying not to be the first to vomit, and the smell of shellfish in the air can't be helping. Ambrose tells them they're welcome to take Victor's body back, as he's currently in ten others as well, but Rossum will know if they do, and they'll pay...

...and back in the future, Griff is doing not much better in his efforts to control the contents of his stomach, saying he always thought it would be better to know how the whole debacle of the world they live in came to be, but he now knows he was wrong. Looking at her dad, Iris wonders if the chair hurts, and asks if it can put one person's memories into another. When Griff, who's been left alone with the two Millers, responds in the affirmative, Iris produces a gun from nowhere and shoots him dead. DUN! She then puts the weapon in her glassy father's hand, assumes a fetal position, and starts screaming her murderous little head off. I'm intrigued by your evil little twist here, dear, but I still must insist you cut out the shrieking or I'll get the damn tattoo gun out again and carve you a reminder.

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