This Show's Lucky To Be Alive

by admin August 13, 2009
Dollhouse: Epitaph One

The unheeding little child continues to scream her head off when we being the next act, and Zone does not even do me the solid of covering her mouth again, so I have to hear her whine about "Daddy" being angry. That's enough for Zone to make to waste Dumbshow Dad right there, but Mag urgently tells him not to do it in front of the kid, so Zone yanks DD out of there by his tie (nice touch) as Mag sobs desperately. Whiskey, however, calmly says she'll help her find Safe Haven, and sits back in the chair...

...and we flash into a memory in which LAURENCE DOMINIC HAS BEEN REVIVED! Yes, Adelle has recalled him from the Attic in the hope that he'll take her side against Rossum. Laurence, however, has other ideas, the first of which is to hold Adelle by the neck with a gun to her head and intone, "I regret to inform you, ma'am, that there's been a security breach." Heh. Adelle snaps that she sent for him, but Laurence, whose hair is rather fetchingly tousled after his long stint in cold storage, replies that he's no longer her little lap dog, and by the way, what's going on out there is pretty much exactly what he expected would eventually come of the Dollhouse's practices. He snarks that seeing the look on Topher's face was almost worth it all, and then proceeds to mock Adelle for numerous things, among them her belief that she was giving people what they needed. Speaking of things she needs, Adelle goes to pour herself a drink, but Laurence shoots the carafe of liquor out of her hand before asking if he missed anything. Adelle: "Just the vodka, thank God." She's a good woman, this Adelle. As she raises the glass to her lips with an unsteady hand, she tells Laurence that there may be a way to stop the debacle -- there's a way to block being imprinted, and it's in Caroline at the moment. Laurence: "Which one's Caroline?" Words I never thought I'd hear on this show.

Back in the shower area (see what I mean?), Zone unceremoniously shoots Dumbshow Dad in the back. Once he's collapsed face down, though, Zone seems to focus in on something...

...while Mag is unsuccessfully trying to find a record of Caroline in the chair's data bank. Whiskey tells her something's supposed to go in the chair, but she doesn't remember what just yet. Zone then returns, and Iris asks where her dad is. Zone: "Dead." Funny and mean does have its ugly side. He and Mag pump in another memory...

...of Sierra (about time, girl) and Victor. Sierra has her Aussie accent back, and has apparently been using Caroline's cure to restore her identity, with the same attendant awful headaches. She then bitches about "Juliet" having had "another one of her dreams" the night before, because said dreams apparently all give the Dollhouse denizens hope that they'll escape a horrible fate, which Sierra at this point thinks is unrealistic. She wonders if she should just go up to the surface, but Victor, who I'm guessing is also back to his original self, warns that now that the tech is wireless, people are stealing bodies left and right. "You don't want to end up like November." Yes, not getting your contract picked up is a horrible fate indeed. Sierra moves in close to him, but he asks her to stop, and she eye-rollingly lets us know "that's over with now." My eloquent response to that news is this: Lame! Victor then notices that Sierra's bleeding, and she lets us know it's compliments of her new "birthmark," which reveals that her real name is "Priya Tsetsang," and adds that now she'll always know who she is. Well, only if she can read backwards. Victor then informs her that he's hidden copies of all their original personalities behind a false panel in the wall. "Even Caroline." I ask myself if it's realistic that Caroline would be highlighted in every single conversation ever had on this show, and then laugh heartily at my own silliness.

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