Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Act I

Zoom in on Neil Patrick Harris wearing mad scientist garb (goggles, gloves, a lab coat) and working on his best evil genius laugh. He says it's coming along. I think I'm going to love this blog.

He's applying to be a member of the Evil League of Evil. So he has to up the ante on his memorable laugh. They have a very discerning board apparently. Tough standards and all. If you've got a terrible death whinny like Bad Horse, you can get in. Here's hoping we get to see Bad Horse. I'd let Doogie/Barney into any club that I ran. Wouldn't matter to me if he was up to snuff or not. This year he thinks may be his year. He's got a letter of condemnation from the deputy mayor. Nice! But "BTW" no response from the league yet.

Email time! 2sly4u, wants to know if Doc Horrible's transmitter ring is a miserable failure, because he hasn't seen any reports of stolen gold bars in the paper. Duh. Papers don't want to draw attention to robberies. But Dr. Horrible's got proof that he works and he'll show you... oh no, it is a big Ziploc bag of a mudlike substance (that smells like cumin). Apparently there was a whole lot of molecule shifting going on during the transmission event. Willy Wonka, he ain't. He defends his invention though. It is not about making money. It is about taking money. I'm beginning to wonder if this lab is really in his mom's basement. He's out to destroy the status quo. The world is a mess and he needs to rule it.

In other news, the freeze ray is almost up and running. It will stop time. "Tell your friends." Oh, I will.

Dr. Horrible's self-proclaimed nemesis Johnny Snow wants to know why the doc won't do battle with him. That's because Dr. Horrible has bigger fish to fry, in the form of his arch nemesis the one and only Captain Hammer (aka Corporate Tool). The massive tool apparently dislocated the good/bad doc's shoulder just a week ago. That's some evil doing right there. Besides Johnny Snow is just a "poser in a parka" who doesn't care about the children. Think about the children when you pick your battlegrounds, maybe then Dr. Horrible will show up for a fight. Maybe. Seems unlikely.

Long time watcher, first time writer DeadNotSleeping, wants to know who the "her" is that Dr. Horrible is always going on about. Who is he going to show? Does she even know that Doc Horrible exists? Inquiring minds want to know. But inquiring minds are just as happy that this leads to a song.

Dr. Horrible, out of his typical gear, is at the Laundromat staring at a pretty girl. He wants to talk to her, but everything comes out as a mumble. He's gonna use his freeze ray to find the time to find the words. Aw. What a cute little evildoer. Love that the blog cuts between the Laundromat and Dr. Horrible cleaning his clothes and him singing in his lab holding his giant freeze ray gun.

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