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Penny and Dr. Horrible simultaneously sing about building a brand new day. It's time for my obligatory mention of how much I adore Neil Patrick Harris and his singing voice. Dr. Horrible's new day apparently involves a death ray. The stalkers randomly show off a dry cleaning receipt for the Captain's inordinate amount of sweater vests. And the song trails off.

Now we're at the homeless shelter launch. The mayor is giving his speech. "Justice has a name, and the name that it has, besides justice, is Captain Hammer." Smiles and golf claps all around.

Time for the Captain's speech, that he's carefully prepared on cue cards. "I hate the homeless." Oh, did Dr. Horrible get his hands on these? "...ness problem in this city." Ah, just bad spacing. He ditches the tiny cue cards. Off-script, he says that when he fell for his "long-term girlfriend Penny" (what's it been, a week?), she let him know about the whole terrible homeless thing. It's amazing what happens when you go for the "bookish, nerdy girls."

This devolves into his musical realization that everyone is a hero in their own way. Just like Lassie, sometimes you need to beg. I mean, he's the real hero. But other people are heroic, but not that heroic. "I thank my girlfriend Penny... yeah, we totally had sex." Nice. No girl can resist that hammer, apparently. She showed him how to flex many different muscles. Who knew she had it in her! "The deltoids of compassion, the abs of being kind..." Right... those muscles. Penny's mortified and starts to slip off the stage. The Captain steps out into the crowd to bring his message to people, even if they do smell like poo. "A hero doesn't care if you're a bunch of alcoholic, scary bums." Sing along, everybody!

While the Captain is busy creating a group sway, out from under the tarp (which I had previously presumed was where the Captain's statue was hiding) comes Dr. Horrible with a big gun. He shoots and zaps the Captain and laughs maniacally. Yippee! The Captain is now frozen, which gives Dr. Horrible the perfect opportunity to sing...

He brings the pain. The kind that they can't suffer quietly. With the lab coat and the singing, I'm now hoping for a Broadway revival of Sweeney Todd with NPH in the lead. If it's too soon for that, I'd settle for him going nuts as the twisted doctor in Jekyll and Hyde the musical. I'm not picky. But I've seen NPH do Sondheim before, so Sweeney would be my first choice. This is all in Angel fantasyland of course. Back in Dr. Horrible's world... more singing. "Tell your friends, do a blog. Heroes are so passé." Wielding a massive weapon, he informs everyone that the world is going to burn. It's time for anarchy in the U.S. Oh, and if you're writing about this, it is Horrible, with two R's... for the record. Don't argue with the man with the death ray.

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