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At this point there's a fantastic very old-school musical-style scene where Dr. Horrible opens the dryer door, which is followed by a sequence of other random strangers and of course the mystery woman opening the dryers right next to him. It is a nice aesthetic, which goes just so well with the lyrics, which state that Dr. Horrible feels kind of sick and "special needs" when his unrequited love is around. This is the exact kind of scene that made the Buffy musical episode so wonderful.

Then lyrics reference to Johnny Snow and his stupid lame-ass ice ray (dumb) and how he wants to make the world bend to their will and together they'll make time stand still. Dude, I'm thinking if the members of the Evil League of Evil heard this song, that's the reason your membership has been denied in years past. Kind of too sweet for a true badass.

Key change! And then... dance scene! Awesome. Then he winks at the camera. Adorable. He mumbles that he loves her hair. She's like what? Oh, wait, I love the air. That's right, air. With his freeze ray he will stop...

Pardon the interruption, his pal Moist has walked into the lab. This is Dr. Horrible's evil moisture buddy. It should be noted that he is dripping with sweat, and he's indoors. It should also be noted that the actor playing Moist is Simon Helberg who plays the ladies man wannabe on The Big Bang Theory. This will be relevant (sort of) in a minute.

Moist apparently went on a double date with Bait and Switch. Things didn't go so well. Moist thought he was going to end up with Bait, but that's not how it worked out. Yeah. We've been there moist. I'm still staring at the soaked pile of mail that he just handed to Dr. Horrible.

The good/bad doctor tells Moist that he saw Penny (aka the mystery lady) today, but he couldn't talk to her. He's still a few weeks away from "a real audible connection." Now I wouldn't have thought of this, but the cute girl on Big Bang Theory is also named Penny, and since I see Simon Helberg, I can't help but wonder if all geeky guys are attracted to girls named Penny (Desmond!), or if it is just a random coincidence. See, I told you it was relevant... sort of.

Among the moist mail is a letter that bears "his" seal. Dr. Horrible is very, very excited. It is from Bad Horse. He's almost speechless. Moist is impressed. Apparently Bad Horse rules the league with an iron hoof. I saw that line coming, but I still laughed.

And cue the music. Guys in bowler hats, cowboy hats, neckchiefs and handlebar mustaches come in singing the letter from Bad Horse. He's apparently the thoroughbred of sin and he got the application that Dr. Horrible just sent in. Dr. Horrible is under evaluation, he's got to prove he's got what it takes by committing crimes ("A murder would be nice, of course.") The singing cowboys warn to "make the Bad Horse gleeful, or he'll make you his mare." Yikes! "You're saddled up, there's no recourse." So far, this is my favorite song.

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