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On another sunny day (presumably a Wednesday or Saturday) dr. Horrible and Penny are in the Laundromat side by side. She's all friendly and wonders why they never talked before, he says it is because it is a boring chore. The world is a beautiful and amazing place in Penny world, so of course she adores doing laundry. She would. Billy is all like, "psych" and tries to play like he likes it... but it's not quite working. She buys it though because she's just like that. Billy pulls some frozen yogurt out of a bag (all that stalking paid off) and offers her one. They are both eating vanilla, I would have figured Dr. Horrible for more of a chocolate kind of guy.

Now Billy is putting the moves on his dream lady. Or trying. He wants to know if she spent all weekend collecting signatures. Apparently she dissed the homeless for a guy. "He's a really good looking guy and I thought he was kind of cheesy at first," she says. Billy's under his breath response, "Trust your instincts." But Penny claims that the Captain has layers (like an onion) and he's really funny. "Sometimes there is a third even deeper level and that one's the same as the top surface one," Billy claims. Penny's confused. Nice try, Billy. Baffle the lady, who claims she's still going to see the Captain again. Her actions cause him to drive a spork into his own leg.

In Dr. Horrible's lab, he's psyched up about his freeze ray and hyping his successful heist (he did get the Wonderflonium). Then he goes off on a rant about how personally it was a disaster because his dream girl is now hooking up with his arch nemesis, but hey, at least he's got a freeze ray! If all goes according to plan, he'll be in the evil league tonight. He's not worried, he apparently holds a "PhD in Horribleness." Where does one get that? One of those shady Caribbean medical schools? "See you at the aftermath. Peace... but not literally." Ha.

A slightly battered looking Dr. Horrible sits vlogging, apparently the freeze ray still needs some work. Maybe putting his evil plans on his blog isn't the best idea. According to Dr. Horrible, the LAPD and Captain Hammer watch it. Oopsie. He'd better work on a registration system before he plans another attack on the Superhero Memorial Bridge. Either that or tweak the freeze ray so it works faster. I've got faith in the down-on-his-luck Dr. Horrible. The contusions (and possible brain damage) were caused when a car hit his head. Captain Hammer was responsible. Of course.

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