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Hold on. Phone ringing, and Bad Horse's singing cowboys are back. After the humiliating experience on the bridge, he's inclined to vote neigh, unless dr. Horrible can assassinate someone before the end of the day. "Go kill someone, signed Bad Horse."

Dr. Horrible discusses his options with Moist. Should he kill someone? Would Moist kill someone? Moist doesn't aspire to be in the evil league of evil, his worst power is making people feel like they need to take a shower. He's not cut out for real evil deeds. Killing isn't Dr. Horrible's style. Not elegant enough. Moist suggests the Henchmen's Union. The doc would get in easily. That idea gets shot down and he uses the PhD line again. Moist questions that as a catchphrase. Oh Moist, the voice of reason.

Moist's pal Hourglass knows a future president who is just a kid, nice easy target. I do like the way he thinks. Dr. Horrible looks appalled. Some evildoer he turned out to be. Moist suggests smothering an old lady. More disgusted looks from the doctor.

At the Laundromat with Penny, eating more frozen yogurt, Billy's complaining that he's not going to get the job he really wants. He mutters someone about Bad Horse. Penny's all like, "The Thoroughbred of Sin?" She's heard of him? Uh oh. He meant Ghandi. She tries to encourage him telling him to keep his chin up. Even she's been canned from jobs before. Her? Really? Did they fire her because she was too damned perky all the time?


She's singing a song to him about how lonely and sad she was as a child. But she learned to see the good in the world. Look at how bad other people have it. Life isn't that bad. She touches him on his knee. He looks like he's going to die. They almost kiss. Then she kills the mood by talking about Captain Hammer. Billy asks, "How are things with cheesy on the outside?" Ha. That's my favorite line of the day. I want a cheesy on the outside T-Shirt.

He can judge the Captain for himself, he's going to drop by shortly. 'Oh goodness... look at my wrist, I've got to go." Wait, this is my favorite line. I personally don't wear a watch and am always pointing to my wrist when I'm making an excuse. No one buys it because of the lack of watch. Now I'm going to try this out. Or not, since Penny doesn't buy it either. Why's he leaving without his clothes? He doesn't like them anymore. Gotta run...

Right into Captain Hammer. The beefy guy pulls out his best bone crushing handshake for Billy the Laundry Buddy. He looks "horribly familiar." Really? The lab coat isn't exactly a big disguise. The Hammer wants to know if he knows Billy from the gym. Of course. Wait, The Hammer needs not need to work out. He's just muscle-bound and beefy naturally. Oh well, "who wants to know what the mayor is doing behind closed doors." Oh, I bet Dr. Horrible does. Oh wait, it is just that he's signing over the building to Caring Hands so Penny can help the underprivileged. The only signature he needed was the Captain's fist... "but with a pen in it." Nathan Fillion is so brilliantly doltish in this. Didn't think it was possible to love him more than I already did.

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