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Penny and the Hammer share a kiss. Ding. Dryer's done. Billy tries to leave, but the Hammer grabs him and says it was so nice to meet the Doctor. Uh oh. This does not bode well for our sweet villain. Instead of physically hurting him, he hits below the belt by exploiting Billy's crush on Penny. The Captain plans on taking Penny home to see the Command Center and the Ham Jet (is that what he's calling it?) He says, "Penny's giving it up. She's giving it up hard." Penny? Well... maybe if there was a lot of free fro-yo involved. Just in case he wasn't being clear enough. His fist, that's not the hammer. He spells it right out. "The hammer is my penis." I'm not sure this is safe for work anymore.

A simmering Billy starts singing after Penny and the Penis, er The Hammer, leave the Laundromat. Suddenly, Dr. Horrible, not so leery about killing someone anymore. He's got a reason now. And the Hammer, he's going down. Um. He's gonna die. He doesn't care about all the times that the Captain beat him up before (even the time he did it in front of Santa, which is just unseasonably cruel), it just added fuel to his fire. He's getting all pumped by throwing darts (with about a 50 percent success rate) at the Captain's picture. "It's a brand new me. I got no remorse... Gonna shock the world, gonna show bad horse."

He croons that Penny will see the evil him, not the dorky side. He sings this to a framed photo of her. But it is a total long-lens shot. Hysterical. "She may cry, but her tears will dry, when I hand her the keys to a shiny new Australia." What? Good lord. I need to mention that the camera spins around and shows that Dr. Horrible is in a massive wingback chair. Think Edith Ann. I don't know why that made me laugh. It just did. Not as much as the sight of a gigantic Dr. Horrible stomping through a city street. The screen goes black as Huge Doc Horrible lifts his foot to step on the Captain.

Which means we'll have to wait until Act III to find out if this was a dream or not. Come back after that airs to read our recap of the final installment.


I'm so sad and excited for this one to begin. Sad because it is over, but excited because I can't wait to see what wonders Joss has in store for this final twisted act.

Things are not going well for our villain. A local news report (the female reporter looks very familiar... I can't figure out why) tells us chipperly that it is a "good day to be homeless." The mayor is apparently unveiling a Captain Hammer statue along with the new shelter. Dr. Horrible is so not having it. He's hard at work at his lab, intensely working on his freeze ray. Guess that whole "giant Doc Horrible" thing was a dream, then. Oh, well.

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