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Townsfolk start singing the praises of Captain Hammer, the do-gooder. He's super, he signs autographs, he's gay -- whoops, that's unrelated. The newscasters were happy blathering on about their love of the Hammer and his helpfulness, but the second hottest story of the day, is who is gay. Also, things are going along swimmingly between Penny and the Hammer (though, as of yet, no indication whether she has seen his "hammer" or not. And by that we mean... oh, you know.) Penny's so delighted that her hunky gloved boyfriend is helping her to achieve her dreams.

Penny needs to be on the lookout though. The Captain's fans aren't exactly delighted with her. "They say he saved her life. They say she works with the homeless and doesn't eat meat. We have a problem with her." Is it her undying enthusiasm for life and obliviousness to the world around her? No. Just the fact that they are the Captain's stalkers and don't like the competition. I see.

The Captain, for his part, is smitten, and answers the question about if Penny got to see the "hammer." "This is so nice. I just might sleep with the same girl twice. They say it's better the second time. They say you get to do the weird stuff." Don't worry, if she won't do the weird stuff your personal little groupies are happy to oblige. Male and female. Penny doesn't seem like the kind of gal who likes to do it in uncomfortable places, if you know what I mean. And given that it is the Captain, I'm quite certain that he does know exactly what that means.

Penny is eating frozen yogurt... again. This is her entire diet. She's sitting at the Laundromat alone, although it looks like maybe she was hoping Billy would show up. There's an extra frozen yogurt melting away. She's going on about how she was lonely but now she's finally found a great guy... except she seems depressed about it. Could it be that she's come to the realization that the Captain is a massive tool? If so, I guess that's one good thing about short web mini-series -- you don't have to wait two seasons for a girl to realize that she's in love with a guy, and by then he's gone and turned into a werewolf or something.

Dr. Horrible frantically working on equations. I don't get math, but this involves cute stick figures. Moist is concerned. He can't reach his friend. I'm more concerned about Moist's whereabouts. He's in the girliest room I've ever seen with a big beefy guy who's t-short has two pink P's on it. Hmm... [According to the credits, he's the Pink Pummeler. Maybe they're just super-pals? - Zach]

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