Fall Pilot Season 2011: Pan Am

by Rachel Stein September 26, 2011
Fall Pilot Season 2011: Pan Am

Bridget goes over to an Italian café, where she locks eyes with the guy from the hotel, whose name is Richard Parks and is sitting at the table with Kate. Dark shadow on Richard's face. Kate and Bridget talk in Italian, Bridget leaves and Richard tells Kate he works for the US government and wait... how did he know she was trilingual?

In the present, Kate is doing a pretty crappy job at trying to be a spy. She distracts Dr. Evil and steals his passport and he's like, "WAIT!" [moment of tension] "Gimme my Life magazine!" And then Kate's like, "GULP! You have yours already heh heh heh." I'm scared, y'all.

Ted and Laura talk while Kate is like, "Ted, piss off," and Ted, being the anti-Dean, is all, "Call me, babe," and Kate is so over being the less desirable sister. Laura wrote a letter last night to tell her parents about the Life cover, but there's no time to chat because an old lady is like, "Kate, dearie, help me find my glasses!" and then Laura spills coffee all over Kate's secret spy stuff almost including Dr. Evil's passport and Kate is tells Laura that this is the worse flight EVER.

A few commercials later, the sun is setting and John's wife is like "Collette! Hi! Nice to meet you! Could you sit for a moment? Is that okay? You whore? Where do you get your whorey eyelashes? I am jealous of your whorish beauty!" Her son is drawing a picture of their happy family, just missing the little stick figure Collette jumping out of the plane. John is like,"Awkward!"

Cockpit: We find out Bridget resigned from the London office and Dean is weirdly laughing and, oh gosh!, if she quit than that means her and Dean got engaged because stewardess have to be single! Pop some bottles, son! Who cares if Collette got her dirty French whore germs all over it?!

Flashback No. 3: Cubans are jumping on the plane, sirens blaring, get on you refugees! Maggie is like, "What the fuck, we just invaded Castro's country I am a beatnik [snaps fingers, plays bongos] and where is Bridget? WHERE IS BRIDGET?" All of the refugees are taking bets on whether or not the X-Men will prevent that war and Dean finally locates Bridget. He proposes by screaming at her in the face and she's like, "Ah you mahd, Dean?" in his cute accent and then.... that she can't say yes now. He throws a ring -- excuse me, a Pan Am pin -- in her hand and replies, "Then say yes later," so I guess her quitting is officially her accepting is engagement. Where is that champagne... COLLETTE!

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