Fall Pilot Season 2011: Prime Suspect

by Ethan Alter September 23, 2011
Fall Pilot Season 2011: Prime Suspect

Now we're outdoors in a part of Brooklyn I'm proud to call my stomping grounds (Kensington/Ditmas Park represent!) and Jane climbs the steps to a house with her various rifle cases flung over her back. She greets her dad, Desmond (Peter Gerety) and hands him the guns to store away. They discuss Keating's death, establishing that Papa Timoney was a cop back in the day as well. She tells him about her charged encounter with Sweeney that morning and he quotes Curtis Mayfield back at her, "May not come when you want it, but when it does..." "It'll be right on time," she completes. Y'know, it's a shame Don't Forget The Lyrics isn't on anymore. These two would be a great team for that show.

Back at the precinct, Sweeney meets with Duffy and tells him half-heartedly that she's giving Timoney the Townhouse Killer case. "Now who's an empty suit, Kevin," Duffy throws back at him before exiting the office in disgust.

Over in Brooklyn, The Curtis Mayfield Players are engaging in some more exposition, discussing how a cancer scare led Desmond and Jane to quit smoking at the same time, even though neither really wanted to. Her cell rings with news that she's nabbed Keating's case and she hugs her pops as we go into another commercial.

Over another Manhattan aerial shot, another unseen newscaster is providing his listeners (and us) with another update on the rape/murder Jane is supposed to be solving. Timoney herself is delivering a terse eulogy for Keating at the precinct, telling them that the best way to honor his memory is to "work this case until it goes down." Duffy's up next and he exposits that they found semen at the crime scene and they're waiting on the lab results to tell them who said evidence belongs to. Jane asks/states that he thinks it belongs to Curtis Hull and, in the next scene, she pays a visit to Mr. Hull, who asks if the DNA is back yet. It's not, but Jane is more interested in asking him about his previous charges of soliciting prostitution. Taking her aside, Hull confirms he's employed prostitutes before and tells her that he already informed the investigating officers of that. She knows, but those cops didn't take the time to find out that he was soliciting sex from male, not female, prostitutes, a fact he deliberately didn't mention so word wouldn't trickle back to his family. "Don't come here again," he snarls and Jane's happy to accommodate his request.

Having pissed off the -- wait for it -- prime suspect, Jane pays a visit to the crime scene with Calderon, who isn't happy to be back there. She mentions that no child psychologist was present when they questioned the kids and that misstep could cost them as it means the children's statements could be called coerced. Calderon insists that it doesn't matter because the kids said they didn't know anything and Jane shoots back, "And you were satisfied with that?" strongly implying that he shouldn't be. She knocks on the door and invites herself in, dispatching Calderon to call a child psychologist that's ready to sit in on their second round of questioning. Meanwhile, Jane heads upstairs and takes her own look around the room where the woman was murdered, even closing herself in the closet like the kids did. Next, she's talking to the woman's son and tells him that she was able to look through the crack between the closet door and the floor and could see "a lot." She asks the boy if he looked and he keeps on drawing sketches of guns in response. She attempts to bond with him over the rack action of a Remington and all the gun talk gets him to open up. She even offers him her gun to touch and he does, as the psychiatrist looks on, dubious. Jane correctly theorizes that the reason the kid is a little gun crazy right now is that he's fantasizing about pulling the trigger on the guy that killed his mom. "I would kill him with this," he says, touching the gun. "I would help you," she responds, absolutely meaning it.

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