Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter: Pilot Review

by Angel Cohn October 16, 2012
Fall Pilot Season 2012: Emily Owens, M.D.

So Tyra's dad (Harry Lennix, from Dollhouse) gives a football coach-style speech about performing miracles before introducing their resident, Micah Barnes (Michael Rady, also plucked from The CW recycle bin after Melrose Place) and the aforementioned Dr. Bandari. She tells them to start walking, and gives them a pleasant speech about how she will not directly speak to them, and that they are to keep her patients alive and address all concerns to Micah. She really doesn't want to be pestered about entering an OR, because these fresh interns won't be doing that for a while. They each have a pager and need to answer it within 60 seconds. Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter is practically hyperventilating, before Micah reminds her to breathe. She wonders if she was being obvious (yes, totally), but he says it's because of his astute doctoring ability.

The first patient is Julia. Let's see how long it takes for Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter to kill her! Because while the show is told from her perspective, she's obviously the O'Malley/007 of this show. Julia's a young girl who came in because she fainted in gym class. My doctoring ability (which I've gained from years of watching almost every medical drama TV has offered up) says she's too young for secret pregnancy, so I'm going with brain tumor. Dr. Will starts reading off her chart, and Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter immediately goes into her own head about how details are the key to patient care, and then focuses on Dr. Will's very attractive profile and shaving cuts. She is so killing someone. Dr. Bandari notices her daydreamy face, and asks what the prognosis is. She spouts off the medical answer, and then the kid-friendly one, which is that the girl reacted badly to stress. She gets pinged by Bandari for addressing the patient directly, but gets the assignment of doing discharge paperwork while the other doctors do rounds.

After everyone leaves, Julia thanks Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter for dumbing down the medical jargon and wonders what will happen if she passes out in front of her crush Cody, who got her heart racing in the first place. Emily advises her to just sit when the cute guy is around, so she doesn't fall down like a dork. Excellent doctoring! Mom goes to get coffee, while Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter takes her pulse and whatnot. Two seconds after Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter touches her, Julia passes out without a heart rate and Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter is screaming up and down the hallways for a doctor. The non-plussed nurses tell her she is one, and push her aside to actually help the patient before she dies. She finally regroups before she starts doling out instructions on intubating and performing compressions and the like. She finally ends up not killing the girl, and Dr. Bandari comes in and dismisses her.

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