Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter: Pilot Review

by Angel Cohn October 16, 2012
Fall Pilot Season 2012: Emily Owens, M.D.

Then there's the awful scene we've been seeing footage of all summer in the previews: Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter and Dr. Will are standing side by side watching an MRI machine (which may or may not be one of DOOOOM) and she inner-monologues to herself that if she inches closer to him and rubs shoulders with him and he doesn't flinch away, then she'll know he likes her. Subsequently, if he looks at her and doesn't run off for the hills, then that's a sure sign that he's in love with her. She almost tells him about her crush and then doesn't.

A very pregnant woman comes storming in looking for her husband, but only finds the brother with the formerly bloody head being wheeled around by Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter. Hubby's in surgery and is apparently "the good one," and bloody head dude wishes that he'd been seriously injured in his stead.

Time to review some labs, and Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter finally remembers she's supposed to look for the ones that Micah asked for hours ago for room 501 (which the show emphasizes). Mean Girl cattily says that she's glad she found her pager, and while Emily lacks any sort of spine whatsoever, she asks Mean Girl if she stole her pager. Naturally, Mean Girl denies it all. But Micah interrupts them because he needs the two supposed professionals to help find the daughter of an Alzheimer's patient who dropped mom and ran. The two stare at the chart to figure out the last name of the daughter who scribbled on the admitting paper, and they bicker about the stolen pager and the debate club cards and Mean Girl almost calls Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter a "crunt," which is as close as this show gets to edgy. But in their tiff, they missed the fact that their dementia-ridden patient up and left.

They look around, but then Mean Girl gets paged and dumps the search for the missing old lady off on Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter. Then Micah shows up with the old lady, and when Dr. Bandari conveniently walks by and sees the scene, Micah covers for her saying the old woman wanted a walk. Then we see the Chief of Surgery telling Tyra about some swanky dinner, while the random redheaded nurse looks on. And then Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter is looking through an online phone book and calling everyone with a remotely close name to the one on the chart. Tyra takes over the drunk dialing so that Emily can go hit on redheaded nurse for her. This involves Emily talking about cheese and outright asking if the nurse goes to gay bars.

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