Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter: Pilot Review

by Angel Cohn October 16, 2012
Fall Pilot Season 2012: Emily Owens, M.D.

She finally gets Micah's requested labs, and brings them to him, and he's next to Dr. Bandari. For a famous surgeon, she sure does spend a large amount of time just standing around in hallways. The two docs get paged because bloody head's brother is crashing and he has to go back to surgery. She tells Dr. Will, who has shown up out of nowhere, that bloody head brother is going to go to jail for the DUI, and that he got off easy. And she laments that Micah is just doing a solo surgery after give years of working at the hospital. Dr. Will reminds her about cutting open her first cadaver and how he knew she'd be a great surgeon.

She tells pregnant wife and bloody head brother that the victim is going to be fine, but then pregnant wife goes berserk and starts attacking bloody head brother. This reveals that he has a seatbelt abrasion, from sitting on the passenger side, which she might have noticed if she'd actually examined him the multiple times she was pushing him around. She realizes that bloody head wasn't driving, and that the brother had an injury caused by a steering wheel. Bloody head denies it.

The old lady's daughter shows up and says that she'll sign the forms, but she's done taking care of her mother because she's not the same person she grew up with. A few minutes later, Mean Girl wants to know why she hasn't given the daughter the consent forms. It's because, you see, Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter, has this grandiose idea that she'll reunite the mother and daughter and all will be right with the world. So instead of giving her the consent forms, the woman is going to sit and stew, while the old lady doesn't get a surgery she desperately needs.

In Julia's room, she gives more terrible advice on communicating with men. Turns out Julia got up the nerve to talk to Cody and it's all working out. Then Julia asks Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter to perform her surgery, or be in the room to keep an eye out, so Em tells Julia to request her in there. This doesn't go over well AT ALL with Dr. Bandari, who gives Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter a bit of a reaming out, but frankly, she could have gone further given the constant screw-ups on her very first day. Dr. Will comes over to comfort her and give her a hug. She blurts out that she likes him, and says she has since their days in Gross Anatomy. And she keeps talking for a really long while about how she didn't want to jeopardize their friendship, but hates being in the friendzone. He stares at her for a while, then tells her he doesn't see her like that, but values their friendship. She says they can still be friends, and now that she's gotten it off her chest, she feels better.

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