Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter: Pilot Review

by Angel Cohn October 16, 2012
Fall Pilot Season 2012: Emily Owens, M.D.

She goes to eat her feelings in the stairwell, so Micah comes to check on her (not part of his job description), and she tells him way too much information about her problems. She says she's having the worst day. He takes her down the hall to show her patients who are dying, or facing real issues, especially the woman in 501 with pancreatic cancer and less than a year to live, despite the fact that her son will tell her all about trials. Anyway, he tells Emily she's not really having the worst day. Way to bring things into prospective, Micah. The only tolerable human being on this show so far.

She's taking Dan's (the DUI guy) temperature, while lecturing him about how his brother is going to go to jail for a very long time. Then the daughter who has been waiting forever demands the papers she's been expecting. Daughter defends her decision to abandon her mother, and Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter says that it's a lot of work, but she should be doing it. Then Mean Girl comes over and says that Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter should stop being preachy about crap she doesn't understand, and that she should stop being judgmental. Mean Girl's brother has cystic fibrosis, and her whole life revolved around his illness. Mean Girl tells the daughter that her mother has spent the whole time in the hospital looking for her. Then Mean Girl tells Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter to stop looking at her with pity, because Mean Girl is still going to be a bitch no matter what. Why? Mean Girl says that everything always came easy to Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter in terms of school and she was jealous. Easy like getting multiple acting gigs just because your mother is a famous Oscar winner?

Speaking of easy, Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter gets to observe Julia's surgery. No talking. No touching. Dr. Bandari starts quizzing Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter on levels and whatnot, and then asks her what she wants for dinner.... Right before Julia starts crashing. Dr. Bandari makes Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter put her hand on a vessel in the heart to stop the bleeding... because there aren't enough other capable people around? She thinks that Dr. Bandari was reaching out to fist bump, but shakes her hand or something. It's awkward and dumb.

Pregnant wife comes out and tells Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter that Dan turned himself in and she doesn't know what to say to bloody head brother. Ems advises saying "sorry." Because I'm sure pregnant wife wouldn't have started with that to begin with. In the locker room, Tyra apologizes for making Emily humiliate herself with redheaded nurse, because the nurse rumor mill says that Emily Owens, Meryl's Daughter is a weird predatory lesbian. She says she doesn't tell her dad because he and her mom have a perfect marriage and she doesn't think he'd understand. She says that Emily is way cooler than she looks.

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