Fall Pilot Season: A Gifted Man

by admin September 25, 2011
Fall Pilot Season: A Gifted Man

On a typical busy day in New York City, billionaire Ron Vinet has been critically injured in a high-speed boating accident and sent to Hope River Surgical Center where his BFF neurosurgeon Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson) is operating on him. In the OR, Dr. Holt is an impatient dick to his lab technician (even taking into account that this is his buddy on the table) and uses nasty camera-view technology to save Vinet's life. He does a great job, but once he's out of the room all he cares about is that the lab tech gets fired. Doctors Without Manners, am I right? He tells a press conference Vinet will be okay, and bounces.

Later, Holt goes for a victory run around Brooklyn, where he hears a car accident, goes running toward it, turns around, sees a red dodge ball in a puddle and is like, "Eh, nevermind, the Yankees game is on."

Back at the office, he is busy busy busy and his secretary (mother effing Emmy award winner Margo "Mags Bennet" Martindale) is, too. She tells him he has a mysterious consultation on Lacey Sandreski, a super important 19-year-old tennis player -- in fact, if she wins the French, which opens next week, she'll be the youngest woman to ever win a Grand Slam. Also... it's the secretary's birthday! OMG, Happy birthday, Secretary! Holt doesn't give a crap and tells her that (now-closed) Jean-Luc is overrated. Before he can give her the finger, another woman tells him she needs 15 minutes later and Holt is like, okay, gotta go. He slams the door in the secretary's face and she's like, "Happy birthday, Rita!" Sad face.

So we see the Lacey the tennis pro practicing her skillz while her parents talk to Holt about the mundane details of her car accident. Holt looks at the some scans of Lacey's brain, where he determines that it might be an aneurysm and recommends Lacey get a CTA. The mom is worried, but the dad is like "no way, I would let my daughter die before getting her the proper medical attention." If this was House, the dad would be having secret sex with the daughter. Holt hooks up the 45 minute test, which will probably turn out fine.

Michael visits his old pal Ron in recovery, whose life he totally saved. Ron's assistant is working a French press while the two chums joke around about hookers. Just when things are getting really funny, Michael gets all serious and is like, dude, if you don't rest, you will literally die. Ron is bummed, and Michael tells him that he is no Nine Lives of Chloe King, and even if he was, he'd be cancelled.

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