Fall Pilot Season: A Gifted Man

by Rachel Stein September 25, 2011
Fall Pilot Season: A Gifted Man

Michael goes for his MRI, where he is a huge dick to the technician. He goes into the machine -- which, if you've ever been in one, sounds as if you're in a giant game of Pac-Man where you would are literally the little yellow blob running from ghosts, it's crazy -- and then reads his results off of his iPad. Just before he's able to check the MLB At Bat app for the scores, Anna comes in and is like "BOO!"

Michael: "What are you doing here?! You can't do this?!"
Anna: "Why not?"
Michael: "I'm not crazy!"
Anna: "Yeah, I know. I told you, I'm a ghost!"
Michael: "But... what... LOL, I'm talking to a spirit! Okay, sure. Explain it to me, how does it work?"
Anna: "I don't know, I'm not in control. All time is condensed. I'm with you... and then I'm with you... and then I'm with you again."
Michael: "Anna, I'm a doctor and this is a $6000 suit, come on!"

Before much more can be hashed out, the lab technician is like, "Woops didn't mean to walk in on you being crazy and talking to yourself." And Michael is like, "Oh, don't even worry about it, doll."

Michael busts through Christina's door and asks her about Anton the Shaman. He is TOTALLY Nick Sobotka from The Wire/that crazy guy from Weeds who just jacked Helia's stash (Pablo Schreiber) -- only he's wearing a hippie vest eating chickpeas in front of a spice rack. They talk about Anna's spirit and he is well-versed on the manner. Anton excited about the spiritual arts and knows just the cure. He asks if Michael feels any pain and it turns out that shoulder pain he casually mentioned earlier in the pilot is precisely how Anna entered his soul, sort of. There's a tear in his energetic body and *hippy breaths Lost finale music* Anton can see exactly where Anna is. Michael leaves, and Anton is like, here's my card, lemme extract her and Milo's like, "Dude, that's pitted, it's so pitted."

Michael's off for another ghost run when he gets a call from Rita, who informs him that his idiot Ron was drinking with a death wish. He tells his doctor to give him ampicillin, dammit! and to put him on anti-convulsing medicine. Then Lacey's mom calls because her daughter is obviously having a brain aneurysm and the dad is like, "Can you not right now? Let's just spray her in the face with Windex!" And Michael is like, "Come to my office, your daughter is about to die." And the girl is like, "Um, I should have mentioned that I lied to your face before and I am definitely dying now."

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