Sweet Home Alabama

by admin September 27, 2011
Fall Pilot Season: Hart of Dixie

Rachel Bilson and Josh Schwartz are reunited, but without Adam Brody. Not sure how this is going to work. Still, I've got a feeling that the beauty that is Scott Porter will keep me mildly entertained, or at least distract me from the fact that Rachel Bilson is trying to play a cardiologist. So believable! Or the fact that the show has an eponymous title (my least favorite TV cliché) compounded with the fact that a character named Zoe Hart is a heart doctor. Not sure that could be more cloying if it tried. But, let's get on with this trainwreck to see if it is feasibly good, or if it is just going to be my new guilty pleasure like Hellcats, where it was so disturbingly bad I was unable to look away as I might miss some horrifying new revelation (like Aly and AJ acting terribly together).

We see a bus traveling down a country road, with Zoe Hart (as she tells us via voiceover) crowded in. She stands out because her hair is straightened and she's sporting expensive clothing. She explains, as she gazes out the window in disgust, that her life went topsy-turvy after a meeting the day before at her job, but it had been a downward spiral of weird since her commencement address at medical school. Her mother is a publicist, who didn't care for Zoe's lack of profuse name-dropping. Despite not selling out, a nice old doctor by the name of Harley Wilkes, who runs a small private practice in Bluebell, Alabama, was at least profuse in his praise. He wants her to come work with him, but she has a plan and will not be dissuaded. She's going to be a serious doctor like her dad, who's a cardiothoracic surgeon. She says that her last name is Hart, so it is predestined. And annoying. He looks sad at being turned down, but politely walks away.

Her self-involved mother didn't want her to go into surgery, because she doesn't want her getting wrinkles from the florescent lights. Is that a thing? Do I need Botox because of my office? I'm totally going to have to investigate. Anyway, mom's all smug about the fact that her father didn't even bother to show up for her graduation, because he's in Germany putting in pacemakers. Zoe doesn't really seem to care because her boyfriend is also a graduate and they are going to do their residency off in New York together and live happily ever after, and he'll have to take her name so it can be cute that they are heart doctors, and make little cute babies and give them toy scalpels. OK, she doesn't go on that much, but a bit.

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