Sweet Home Alabama

by Angel Cohn September 27, 2011
Fall Pilot Season: Hart of Dixie

Zoe goes back to her office to see some patients, but mostly she just sits there. Her family seems to have money, why didn't she take a car to Alabama? Clearly, she didn't think about her travel situation before she hopped the bus. Her mother has a panic attack after she tells her via phone that she moved, and then an older gentleman comes in needing medical assistance. The DMV won't give him a license without glasses, so she half-assed gives him an eye test while talking to her mother on a cell phone (there's that great bedside manner we've heard about) and then approves him for driving. Then she sits around doing nothing, where if she had a car she could have gotten her own latte. Thankfully, Mrs. H decided to drink it on the way. Her only other option was to poison it. I'm not sure she made the right decision. She ushers in Zoe's second patient.

A mother has a big gouge on her hand, which Zoe stitches up so it won't leave a nasty scar. The mom says she's not going to catch her any fellas, but her daughter, who is giant compared to Zoe's slight frame, though not Biggest Loser big by any stretch of the imagination, could really use some dating tips. She's gotten "chubbier" since her boyfriend dumped her. She's got some dark red patches on her skin, but her mother won't let Zoe touch her, since they are loyal to Dr. Breeland, except in dire emergencies.

Zoe goes to live at the mayor's plantation, since it is the only place in town. She freaks out when she sees Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams) a former pro football player. She's super jazzed about it. This is confusing, as her boyfriend dumped her for not talking about anything other than surgeries, when clearly she has a deep love for football as she starts rattling off stats. Lavon Hayes, seems like a nice enough guy, and she's thrilled to see him, but he has a tendency to talk about himself in the third person. And that could get old rather quickly. He gives a brief history of how he moved from the NFL to Bluebell. He was popular after his stint as a pro player, enough to get elected mayor. He shows her to her quarters, which she tries to be grateful for, but says she'll dress up with accessories from Barneys (see, if she can afford to shop at Barneys, she can afford a car). Lavon Hayes tells her that she shares a generator with the groundskeeper dude Wade (Wilson Bethel), and that too many electronics could cause trouble. Lavon Hayes also warns her to keep an eye out for Burt Reynolds, if she's out wandering the grounds.

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