Sweet Home Alabama

by Angel Cohn September 27, 2011
Fall Pilot Season: Hart of Dixie

The next day, the mom and daughter are wandering around Stars Hollow Bluebell drinking the expensive coffee from 11 miles away (which means that mom must have had a car, and why didn't they discuss any of their issues on the way to or from the coffee shop) and talking about why Harley wanted her to come to the small town in the first place. Mom wants her to go back to New York, and so does her father, who refuses to talk to her but is disappointed in her choices. Zoe agrees to go home later in the day. She calls George to see him before she takes off back to New York. He's there with the papers for her to sign over the practice. And instead of apologizing for getting him run over and ruining his engagement party, he's the one that apologizes for Lemon's behavior and for not telling him about his fiancé. We find out more about his story, he moved away to see the world, loved New York, but missed the small town charms, and Lemon brings out his best self. She says she'll mail the papers from New York. And he hesitates, before letting her go.

As she packs (and when did she exactly have time to unpack with the alligator and the power outage and the drunken makeout session and the injured golden boy and seeing Mabel and dealing with her mom?), she's interrupted by Mabel who isn't feeling good. She's catering at the Breeland's, and needs Zoe to come stat. Zoe tries to get in, but Lemon's friends won't let her in... saying that Brick is the doctor and can handle any medical emergencies. Thankfully, Lavon Hayes, Mayor walks up and introduces Zoe as his guest. These two would actually make kind of an adorable couple, as they think alike and get along well and have actual chemistry. She goes off to find Mabel, and he's excited about things getting shaken up.

Off under a tree, Lemon is trying to pretend like she's not pissed off about the pictures, and the two are being adorable, while she cops to being a Bridezilla. Zoe interrupts their cuteness, and Lemon is none too pleased. Zoe finally finds Mabel, who is having contractions on the veranda. Zoe brings her inside, and Brick storms in all angry, but Mabel won't let him touch her. Brick is rightfully pissed. Obliviously, Lemon asks Lavon Hayes if he is there on a date with Zoe, and the two of them clearly have a past together. He handles it much better than she does.

Mabel needs some minor surgery because the baby's shoulder is lodged against her pelvis; Brick reluctantly helps and agrees to take care of the baby after it comes out. And all works out nicely, and mother and baby are totally fine. Zoe gives Mabel a little pep talk, and tells her that she's so strong. Mabel's mom storms in all pissed off, but Mabel stands up to her and tells her to go straight to hell.

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