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by admin September 21, 2010
Fall Pilot Season: Hawaii Five-0

In South Korea, a convoy of military transports pulls out from a fortified cliffside bunker. Inside the middle transport, Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) tells his Irish-accented prisoner Anton that he's going to spill about who he and his brother Victor sold weapons to. But Anton liltingly boasts that Steve will never get his Lucky Charms and reveals that he knows that Steve's from Hawaii, and that's when Steve gets a phone call from his father, John, on Oahu. Victor -- who's awesomely played by James Marsters -- is holding McGarrett's dad at gunpoint, and says he wants his brother back. Mr. McGarrett apologizes for lying to Steve, and Steve's all "Huh?" and then McGarrett the Elder says to give Victor nothing. Victor clocks John, but it doesn't matter -- Steve's cell phone has been traced by Victor's men (which makes carrying it, let alone answering it, seem like a tactical error on McGarrett's part), and soon enough a helicopter comes over the horizon and blows up the lead truck. A firefight ensues, and everybody is killed except for Steve and Anton, but when Anton goes for a gun, Steve is forced to shoot, and despite his extensive training, he manages to somehow clip Anton in the neck. As Anton bleeds out, Victor calls back and figures out what's just happened before Steve can figure out how to fake an Irish accent. Papa McGarrett? Dead.

Theme song! (With apologies to Cindy McClennan.)

Cut to a military plane coming in for a landing on Oahu. Steve is riding in the cockpit, behind the pilot, playing with the toy jet they gave him (not really) when a call comes in for him from the governor. At the Pearl Harbor memorial, the guv (Jean Smart) meets him and offers to help him find Victor Hess, who is apparently still on Oahu. She wants him to head up a task force, one with blanket authority to track down Hess and others like him and "get them the hell off my island." Steve doesn't appreciate the wasted time, since he's got a funeral to get to, nor does he appreciate being brought to where his grandfather died. She gives him her number in case he changes his mind and then leaves, probably to go wait by the phone.

Steve's about to do the same when he walks into a taping of Lost! Actually, it's just old high school football acquaintance Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim), who works at the tourist trap there, guarding the machine that turns pennies into souvenirs. He worked on the police force with Steve's father until he got kicked off, and he wants to see justice done for his friend. Unfortunately, the Honolulu PD has put a haoli on the case -- a mainlander who has no idea how to navigate Oahu. Steve looks mildly pissed.

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