Mercy Killing

by Mindy Monez September 24, 2009
Fall Pilot Season: Mercy Chloe is being shown around by an older nurse (played by awesome character actress Margo Martindale, who seems to work more often than any other actress in the entire world) and generally acting like overachieving obnoxious girl. They enter the room of a braindead patient and the older nurse flippantly tells her he's essentially dead, despite his heartbeat, so turn off all the machines keeping him alive and strip the bedding and then call the morgue. She hands her some paperwork and peaces out, and Chloe looks like she's going to throw up. I'll allow her to be horrified just this once.

In the gang gunshot victim's room, Ronnie is suggesting treatments that were used on the front lines to a doctor who is not familiar with them, even though he went to medical school. I'm not saying every doctor knows every single medical procedure on earth, because of course they don't, but these scenes are fucking ridiculous. Shut the hell up, Ronnie. You are a ridiculous character.

Ronnie leaves to commiserate with Sonia about what a terrible doctor the guy is, and they agree to tell the other nurses to watch him so they can all continue to secretly be far better doctors than the doctors. Somehow.

They decide to go get a drink because it's quittin' time, when suddenly they pass Chloe, still sitting in the braindead patient's room, unable to pull the plug, and they reluctantly invite her out. "I'd love to, but first I have to kill Mr. Weintraub." Heh. Ronnie comes in and takes his chart from her and just walks right over and unplugs the guy, as Sonia calls time of death. Chloe gasps and Ronnie's all impatient like "Wanna get that drink now?" Hardened professionalism, here you come, Chloe!

Local dive bar. Ronnie, Sonia, Chloe and the male nurse ogle a hunky bartender but decide not to go up and talk to him because he is a "unicorn." Sonia's phone starts blowing up and she ignores the lawyer yet again, while explaining she's only with him for his money because she's sick of dating broke dudes who expect blowjobs in exchange for appetizers at Bennigan's. Just appetizers, Sonia? You gotta get a couple of them enormo margaritas out of the deal too or you're just not doing it right.

Chloe brings up how sad unplugging Mr. Weintraub was, and Ronnie PTSDs all over her, vomiting that it's not sad, all the horrible things she saw in the war is what's really sad, as Sonia and Male Nurse get uncomfortable "Here were go again" looks on their faces. Chill out, Ronnie! Both things are very, very sad! We can be sad about all the things! Make room in your sad compartments!

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