Talkin' 'bout My Generation

by Angel Cohn September 24, 2010
Fall Pilot Season: My Generation of Mount Everest. One might even want to take a lovely photograph to commemorate the occasion. He also shrugs off the fact that Jackie is Mrs. Anders now. Once discussion of future banging is done, Falcon asks about the fact that Steven banging Caroline on prom night lead to a kid that Steven is currently busy ignoring. Steven wants a minute to talk to Falcon alone... without the cameras.

The Voice asks Kenneth about a plan that he has, which involves him donating sperm to a bank so that he can help women have their babies. He looks uncomfortable just at talking about it, and just as I'm wondering if he's a 28-year-old virgin, the woman at the sperm bank asks if he has any STDs and he says no and that he's never... before he gets cut off. Yeah, clearly, poor awkward kid has never had sex. Aw. Now I feel bad for thinking he's a stalker. The woman at the sperm bank asks even more questions than The Voice, and she wants to know if his parents are alive. Mom is, but his Dad passed away when Kenneth was 19. She wants to know what of, but Kenneth would really rather not say, but it wasn't an illness that could be passed on to future offspring, so sperm bank lady really doesn't care. She hands him a cup and offers him a magazine, but he's got an image already in mind.

We see a tarted up looking Dawn Skyping with Rolly and shaking her boobs at the computer. Back in the day, we see her and Falcon at a basketball game watching Rolly, and then Dawn saying that she and the former jock got married a year ago. She never imagined that she'd be the army wife type, and even though she wasn't in the same circles as Rolly in stupid high school, she loves him to death now. She worries about him though. Rolly pops up on the other side; he thinks she looks hot and she wants to know if he's being safe. He proudly says he's been showing off the sonogram picture. She says Kenneth put the picture on the fridge. Rolly thinks Dawn should be living with Anders (his best friend) and Jackie. She doesn't want to live with Jackie, who is a stuck up bitch. They both just start talking about how much they miss each other and then he asks to see a little something. She asks the film crew to look away while she flashes her boobs at Rolly. Kenneth walks in, but Dawn and Rolly don't notice, so he sees the aforementioned boobs and then goes running out of the room. Then Dawn and Rolly share a sweet goodbye and she just looks heartbroken that he had to leave.

Rolly's out in the field, showing off the sonogram picture. His footage from 2000 shows him hanging out with Anders, and we learn they've been friends since second grade, and there is some adorable home video of the two of them playing as little kids. Their grand high school plan is that they are going to buy houses next door to each other; Anders will marry Brenda against his father's wishes and Rolly will marry someone, and their wives will be best friends. Rolly went to Stanford on full scholarship, but after 9/11, Rolly joined the Army. His home video from 9/20/2001 says he couldn't stop thinking about the people who lost their lives. The documentary folks aren't allowed to film him in country, but they have some footage they obtained of him in Afghanistan from an embedded Dutch news crew. He kisses his precious sonogram picture after surviving a bombing.

Kenneth is teaching when he gets a phone call. We don't see who it is, but he looks upset by whatever they have to say. The Voice asks him after class who it was. He says it was the sperm bank, and he demurs that he doesn't want to talk about it in the hallway at school, but The Voice is persistent. They told him that he was infertile and that he can't have children. He slowly walks away on the verge of tears. Oh, between him and Rolly, one of them is going to make me cry soon.

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