Life After Mars

by admin June 7, 2007
Fame Audit: The Cast Of Veronica Mars

Assets: It's good to be versatile enough that your CV includes past roles playing both "Bookish Man" and "Creepy Guy."

Liabilities: Not very many people pronounce his name right on the first try, we're guessing, so he might miss important messages.

Current approximate level of fame: Sam Rockwell
Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Veronica: Tim Allen

Name: Jason Dohring
Age: 25
Occupation: Actor; believer
Non-Veronica Experience: 4 movies and quite a bit of TV

Assessment: Before becoming the dark prince on Veronica, Dohring was cashing checks by walking through pedestrian shows like JAG and Judging Amy. Frankly, much of his early work as Logan borrowed heavily from other tortured thugs, and it did him no favors when the noir beginnings of the show, which showcased Logan as a twisted, damaged bully, were swamped by the callow, who-cares-tastic Logan/Veronica mambo, which was right up there with "We were on a break!" when it came to emotional resonance. Dohring can act his ass off in the right context, but he may have peaked right here.

Assets: When he gets out of the 90210 love triangles, he can be pretty interesting.

Liabilities: It involves ancient aliens and rhymes with "Schmientologist."

Current approximate level of fame: Corin Nemec
Deserved approximate level of fame, post-Veronica: Giovanni Ribisi

Name: Percy Daggs III
Age: 24
Occupation: Actor; basketball faker
Non-Veronica Experience: A handful of TV

Assessment: There wasn't a lot to Percy Daggs's pre-Veronica acting career in terms of visibility, and unfortunately, though he was cute, the show eventually lost interest in his friendship with Veronica and stopped paying nearly enough attention to it to build Wallace into a fully realized guy. As much as we like Daggs, and as appealing as we think he is, and as much as we love that smile (which we do), the bump he's likely to get from being on the show doesn't seem likely to be enough to vault him into anything other than possibly another supporting role on another CW show.

Assets: Not everybody could pull off that hair in this day and age, but he totally does.

Liabilities: In most cases, anything "the third" is kind of a letdown. Consider Shrek.

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