Girls: Pilot Review

But again, I've only seen three episodes of this and I cannot overstate how, for me, watching and writing about this show is a similar experience to visiting the Lostpedia after every episode of Lost. While it does, in some ways, feel counterintuitive to assess this series to such a meticulous degree, our feminist foremothers taught us: We deserve and should demand better all the time. If Girls isn't my feminist dream show, that is fine -- it's unfair to ask for it to be. Where we stand now, it's perhaps the first series of its kind to portray women and female sexuality in a post-apologetic way, and goes beyond simply meeting the requirements of the Bechdel Test. Who knows -- perhaps the characters will mature over time, acknowledge these issues and transcend them. Still, my hope is that it isn't the be-all, end-all, but rather that we can continue the trend of creating more female characters that don't exist for their male counterparts. If that is the case, we'll have the pleasure of getting more voices for more generations of women, and not just the discontented privileged ones.

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