Graham Norton Q&A Norton: Not really. In the very first round when they actually got rid of someone [before they talked or introduced themselves], if you were dressed really, really out-there or slutty, then you were gone. And from my point of view that was a shame because often, I think, those are really fun women, but I think there's kind of a primeval, tribal thing where women will try to get rid of "the slut" because she's going to steal the man. You know, I think it's that basic. There's a mistrust amongst women. "Who would dress like that?" A woman who's dressed like that is just trouble. You couldn't trust.

TWoP: If you were on the show, do you think that you would make it to the final round if you were one of the seven?
Norton: I don't know, I really don't know. The troubling thing is, I think I would be devastated if I didn't because as a performer, our want-to-be-liked gene is probably overdeveloped. So my entire career is about trying to make people like me. It just is, for any performer it is. You want people to sit in rows and clap. How much validation do we need? Whereas these women are just regular women. So I think if I were in the contest, I'm not sure I would [make it], but I would be devastated if I didn't.

TWoP: So some of the things that come out of this show that I think are really interesting are sort of like the dirty little secrets or the bad stories and stuff. Do you get to know those beforehand or do those kind of take you by shock as well?
Norton: Mostly by shock, because often I'll have their dirty little secret or I'll have something they are ashamed of. When I ask them on the show, they'll come up with a different one -- often worse than the things that I have written down. You just think, why on earth would you say something awful about yourself? And I think it's because I think women actually respond very well to honesty, because we all make mistakes, we've all done things we wish we hadn't and things we're ashamed of, and the point is, you move on. And then if you own it and say, "I did this. I'm really sorry I did it," then I think people actually like you better for it rather than pretending you're like Miss Perfect.

TWoP: So would you ever do an episode with guys being judged?
Norton: I think what's nice about the show is that they do order more. It's really easy to change it. We could easily do an all guy one, or do women choosing men, or have the same seven women [who already competed], play it with women and with men, and see if the same person wins.

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