Graham Norton Q&A

TWoP: I'd be interested if the girls who dress slutty make it further with the men in the audience.
Norton: I'm guessing they would. Actually, I wonder if they would. Men... they need a few drinks in them first before they turn that way. Initially, I think it repulses them. At the end of the night it's a safe bet.

TWoP: Well yes, you can save that for the very special "everybody has a little wine" episode of Most Popular. How many episodes are we getting of this?
Norton: This initial run is just six, but if people like it then they'll order some more -- I think quite fast -- and then we'll start churning them out.

TWoP: Now will you have time because you're going back to do more Graham Norton Show episodes, right?
Norton: Yeah, The Graham Norton Show starts again in October but it's a weekly show so I can always fit this in around it.

TWoP: Great. What sort of women do they look for when casting this show for contestants?
Norton: The team is great and they cast it very well; they're interesting but they're not creepy. They're not Jerry Springer weirdos; you could meet these women. I think that's good.

TWoP: They do. A lot of them seem sort of like somebody you might work with, or something.
Norton: Yeah, or you know, someone you might bump into at the bus stop. Whereas I think the temptation with a show like this is to cast all of these really over-the-top, extraordinary women with mad stories.

TWoP: Have you ever wanted to take someone out of the audience and put them on the show as one of the contestants?
Norton: No, but there were a couple of people on the show that I wanted to take away and put into care afterwards. Like they're telling you things about their life and I'd think, "This should be upsetting you, and it's not."

TWoP: So when you go back to your talk show, is there anybody that you're really hoping you get to talk to this season? Anyone you're dying to interview?
Norton: The one I've always been after -- this year I'll have been on the air for 12 years and I've never had Madonna. So I'd still really like her.

TWoP: Alright, that's a good goal.
Norton: Really, I'd like Madonna about 10 years ago, but I'll accept what's left.

TWoP: Who's the craziest person you've ever had to interview?
Norton: Roberto Benigni, remember him? He won an Oscar. He was quite out there. And Mickey Rourke was very, very, very attached to a bottle of Jack Daniels while he was on the show, so he was quite hard to manage. But actually quite fun with it.

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