Graham Norton Q&A

TWoP: And is there anything that you're watching on TV? Any shows that you're hooked on?
Norton: Honestly, Damages I think is just absolutely brilliant and I can't wait for another season of that. I just think that show is so brilliantly written and acted. I just think it's really, really stunning. What I like about it is that it's made for television. You know, a lot of good television you sort of feel like they're going, "Oh, we can't get work in the movies so we'll write this now." Whereas Damages I think is structured so brilliantly for episodic television. Just really cleverly done.

TWoP: Any reality shows that you watch or do you just stay away from them?
Norton: Well, we don't really get yours, and you don't really get ours.

TWoP: We do often do our own versions of yours. Are there any reality shows over there that are really popular that you think would do well over here?
Norton: I think the good formats you've kind of got. Do you have that make under show, Snog Marry Avoid?

TWoP: Make under? Like you take pretty people and make them look ugly?
Norton: No, no, no. You take people who wear like way too much makeup and extensions and such. It's quite good. It's all these girls wearing way too much fake tan and nails out the wazoo. Then they reveal them to be really pretty girls. It's a good show.

TWoP: Hmm, interesting. That sounds like fun. Thanks for chatting with me today. I'll be watching Most Popular hoping that I never have to go on it because I'm too insecure.
Norton: You need to be a special sort of lady to go on that show.

TWoP: You've got to have a lot of confidence.
Norton: Really you do.

Most Popular airs on WE at 10 PM on Thursday nights.

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