Howie Do It Premiere

by admin January 12, 2009
Winter Pilot Season: Howie Do It

I'm pretty sure this is going to be terrible, but since I kind of occasionally watch Deal or No Deal (SHAME!), I am optimistic that it will be tolerable. But then I actually turn it on, and they are playing that "This is How We Do It" song, or lyric rather, over and over again. Does Montell Jordan get royalties for this? I hope so. He'll be really rich, since it is only a few minutes in and they've used it like 12 times. I'm already regretting saying that I'd do this. [Hey, I offered! - Zach] Especially since the sampling of footage that is presented looks like it ranges from awful to just downright appalling. Oh lord.

An announcer introduces Howie Mandel to a very large and very enthusiastic crowd. He's doing a bit of his stand up, which amounts to him being excited that he's employed and that people like him. With no ado or explanation, we're on to our first bit, which involves two guys interviewing for a job at a fake television weather network, and Howie is in disguise as a shaggy haired "producer" named Larry. He has them wear slickers and hoses them down to see how they would deal with reporting on site. They keep flashing to the people in the live audience and they are eating this pre-taped segment up. Because these two guys, who really seem to be willing to do anything for this job, haven't been tortured enough, he hits them with wind and water, encourages them to do faux man-on-the-street interviews, change their names and things of that ilk. Maybe I'm overthinking it, because the unemployment rate in America is really high, but like, fake job interviews just aren't funny. Then the teleprompter reveals that they are on Howie Do It, and Howie takes off his wig. One guy gets it right away; the other doesn't seem to get it. I can't help but feel bad for the kid, who eagerly tries to go with the flow and interview Howie, as if it is just part of the job interview. He looks crestfallen when he discovers he's on a hidden camera prank show. Do these people get any kind of money or anything for this? Otherwise, it's just sad. This is the problem with prank shows -- they're really only funny when it involves picking on celebrities, in my opinion. Otherwise, it just seems like poor sportsmanship. Howie comes back out to the theater masses and asks if that was great. They applaud wildly.

Back from commercial, and I'd like to take a second to talk about Howie's stage. He's all alone, aside from a drummer. The guy has a full kit that surrounds him and he is just banging away in his fauxhawk and too-tight shirt. It's an interesting choice. Howie introduces the next sure-to-be-hysterical bit. It's a guy named Fred. He was hired to do singing telegrams and someone thought it would be hi-larious if they sent him to a funeral. Off he goes. He supposedly has no idea what kind of a gig he's working, but he's in a bunny suit and says that someone named Jerry hired him. Jerry's the dead guy in the coffin, and all of the funeral-goers are paid actors. Who suck. He starts singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" and people start hyperventilating and crying. After a break where the funeral director assures the "family" it was Jerry's last wish, Fred (a.k.a. the Funny Bunny) tells them that he'd like them to sing along with them. That's not staged AT ALL. And then at some point he toots a clown horn. Really? Really? The widower asks the Funny Bunny to sing directly to her husband; he heads over to the casket and, mid-verse, the guy pops up and thanks Fred for being on Howie Do It. Which makes no earthly sense, because this show hasn't aired yet, so how the hell would he know what that is? But Funny Bunny gets a big kick out of it, and then starts overacting and saying something like, "This is what happened when a Jew enters a church." Um. Again, that's really original and off-the-cuff. I so don't buy it. Was this take 15?

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