Can You Feel the Love Guru Tonight?

by Angel Cohn June 1, 2008
MTV Movie Awards 2008

Having nothing better to do on a Sunday night, TWoP Editors Lauren Gitlin and Mindy Monez gladly volunteered to Liveblog the 2008 MTV Movie Awards. Or maybe Angel Cohn bullied them into it so she wouldn't be sitting around alone desperately watching a show that is aimed at a demographic she hasn't been part of for at least 10 years. Angel, Mindy and Lauren will be ranting and raving about the good, bad and just plain stupid happenings in this big shillathon. We join our terrible trio in the midst of the red carpet festivities.

Lauren Gitlin: (7:59:09 PM): I love it when interviewers ask the dumbest questions.
Angel Cohn: (7:59:20 PM): Who is this man? Is he a VJ? Do they still have those?
Mindy Monez: (7:59:41 PM): The Jai Rodriguez lookin' guy? I think it's Jai Rodriguez in disguise.
Lauren: (7:59:43 PM): What the hell is this clown talking about with the references to last year's after party?
Mindy: (8:00:11 PM): No idea. That's probably because we're old.
Lauren: (8:00:47 PM): What is wrong with his nose?
Angel: (8:00:50 PM): Oh, didn't you hear? Mike Myers is having plastic surgery to turn into Andrew Lloyd Weber.
Angel: (8:00:58 PM): Yes. What movie is this a parody of?
Lauren: (8:01:10 PM): I don't think it was a parody. It was just dumbess.
Mindy: (8:01:23 PM): No, it was. A Wim Wenders something or other, maybe?
Lauren: (8:01:29 PM): Ummmm. You are way too like classy.
Angel: (8:01:41 PM): It did have a Wim Wenders feel about it. Thank goodness for film class in college 100 years ago.
Lauren: (8:01:50 PM): I think need someone needs to stage an intervention for Carson Daly's manorexia.
Mindy: (8:01:58 PM): This thing just started and I'm already sick of seeing that Juno girl.
Mindy: (8:02:25 PM): It's Chris Brown!!! Squeal!!!
Lauren: (8:02:30 PM): I have a major heart on for Chris Brown.
Angel: (8:02:31 PM): What is Chris Brown wearing?
Mindy: (8:02:47 PM): A Michael Jackson costume, per usual.
Mindy: (8:03:01 PM): Love Guru plug! Drink!
Lauren: (8:03:06 PM): Someone needs to fire Mike Myers' stylist.
Lauren: (8:03:13 PM): Dance battle, that must be Canadian for dance-off.
Angel: (8:03:19 PM): If we do that drinking game, we won't make it 45 minutes.
Lauren: (8:03:30 PM): I have already started drinking.
Lauren: (8:03:35 PM): I have an idea. Every time Mike Myers slips into a stupid accent. You must take a sipperoo.

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