Can You Feel the Love Guru Tonight?

by Angel Cohn June 1, 2008
MTV Movie Awards 2008 Lauren: (9:05:15 PM): I cannot even BELIEVE this is happening right now.
Angel: (9:05:20 PM): Wait. The Man. The Icon. The Legend. Adam Sandler?
Mindy: (9:05:26 PM): There's absolutely no connection between Tom Cruise and Sandler.
Angel: (9:05:38 PM): Did someone actually have the nerve to put that on paper?
Mindy: (9:05:46 PM): I know. He's not Charles Fucking de Gaulle.
Lauren: (9:05:48 PM): Is Adam Sandler singing a song that is a tribute to himself?
Angel: (9:05:57 PM): Unbelievable.
Lauren: (9:06:08 PM): Nice gold lame hot pants, ladies.
Mindy: (9:06:21 PM): And more Claire's products!
Lauren: (9:06:34 PM): This might be the dumbest thing I've been subjected to.
Mindy: (9:06:50 PM): What's on his shirt?
Lauren: (9:06:52 PM): What is on his shirt?
Mindy: (9:07:01 PM): I think it's maybe his wife and kid?
Lauren: (9:07:07 PM): That is pretty gay.
Lauren: (9:07:16 PM): It looks like Kurt Cobain.
Mindy: (9:07:18 PM): I know.
Mindy: (9:07:30 PM): Do you think these girls work out? Or is it just good genes?
Lauren: (9:07:33 PM): Oh, it is his unfortunate looking child.
Mindy: (9:07:51 PM): If Drew Carey comes on stage I'm fucking out of here.
Lauren: (9:07:52 PM): Nice pecs Rob Schneider
Lauren: (9:08:03 PM): I like that they panned to Rihanna and Chris Brown both of whose mouths were agape in horror.
Angel: (9:08:23 PM): So I was going to wear that yellow spandex outfit to the A-List awards... and now I can't because Rob Schneider already did it.
Lauren: (9:08:39 PM): Dont let that stop you! I'm still wearing my gold lame bikini and I'm really and truly not even kidding at all.
Lauren: (9:09:09 PM): Paris Hilton is fantastically orange.
Mindy: (9:09:51 PM): You know what I wish I were watching? Another Usher promo.
Mindy: (9:10:30 PM): Where's Shia? Is he not there?
Lauren: (9:10:41 PM): He's busy pooping his pantalones.
Mindy: (9:10:47 PM): I'm cool with Lohan, but that's mostly because she doesn't make movies anymore.
Mindy: (9:10:57 PM): Just leggings, with ho kneepads.
Mindy: (9:11:09 PM): Practical!
Lauren: (9:11:13 PM): What is this?
Angel: (9:11:22 PM): Jabbawockeez! Didn't you watch America's Best Dance Crew?
Mindy: (9:11:30 PM): This commercial is starting to make me feel like I'm x-ing a little bit.

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