Can You Feel the Love Guru Tonight?

by Angel Cohn June 1, 2008
MTV Movie Awards 2008 Mindy: (9:11:38 PM): What does that mean? Angel: (9:11:40 PM): Best. Show. Ever. On. MTV... after The Paper.)
Lauren: (9:11:55 PM): Guess who wins the prize for most annoying person to star in a commercial? This lady.
Mindy: (9:11:57 PM): God, I hate this armpit girl.
Mindy: (9:12:29 PM): Hahahaha eating Ramen with scissors.
Lauren: (9:12:36 PM): I think it's time the Orbit lady gets her own reality show.
Lauren: (9:13:09 PM): She is the most promising talent that has thusfar been featured on this programming block.
Mindy: (9:13:48 PM): I couldn't agree more!!!
Lauren: (9:14:04 PM): I'd really like for Coldplay to retire.
Mindy: (9:14:23 PM): I'd like to go back in time and find a way to prevent them from ever forming a band.
Lauren: (9:14:24 PM): Immediately.
Lauren: (9:14:33 PM): They used to not suck so hard.
Mindy: (9:14:42 PM): I have to say, as cool as seeing The Depp was, I miss the movie parodies.
Mindy: (9:15:43 PM): I'm in love with this.
Lauren: (9:16:04 PM): Guess who I want to be in a sandwich with Downey, Jr and Depp, with some Rogen au jus.
Mindy: (9:16:37 PM): I bet those gold lame girls don't eat sandwiches on account of the carbs.
Mindy: (9:16:47 PM): Hahaha au jus.
Angel: (9:16:47 PM): Carl is the funniest thing of the whole night.
Mindy: (9:17:08 PM): Ok, new show alert: Carl and the Orbit girl.
Mindy: (9:17:31 PM): And they...go to space? And...fight aliens? I don't know, I'm not a Hollywood type.
Lauren: (9:17:33 PM): Balls are apparently comedy gold.

Mindy: (9:17:46 PM): We should get Iron Man masks for the office, btw.
Mindy: (9:17:53 PM): Angel, is that in the budget at all?
Lauren: (9:18:02 PM): I'd like nunchucks.
Mindy: (9:18:02 PM): I'm willing to sacrifice pens and staples.
Mindy: (9:18:22 PM): Ooh! Yeah! Let's get nunchucks too!
Angel: (9:18:44 PM): No to the nunchucks. Maybe to the Iron Man masks... I'll see what I can do.
Mindy: (9:18:49 PM): That was on Alias! When they put the bomb in Will Tippin's brain in season 5!
Mindy: (9:19:16 PM): Rihanna's not into exploding heads.
Lauren: (9:19:18 PM): Someone please feed Carson Daly.
Angel: (9:19:20 PM): You watch way too much Alias... we're going to have to put you in a program.
Mindy: (9:19:26 PM): Gah, I know. I need to let it go, already.

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