Can You Feel the Love Guru Tonight?

by Angel Cohn June 1, 2008
MTV Movie Awards 2008 Mindy: (9:40:45 PM): I can't handle Megan Fox's hotness.
Mindy: (9:40:58 PM): Or Rainn Wilson's.
Lauren: (9:41:06 PM): I don't think this should be allowed especially right before I eat.
Mindy: (9:41:31 PM): Dick in a Box part Deux.
Lauren: (9:41:52 PM): So far this is gay.
Mindy: (9:42:06 PM): And gross.
Mindy: (9:42:15 PM): Juno needs to stop.
Mindy: (9:42:27 PM): Rainn got one of those porn robes!
Mindy: (9:42:37 PM): I hear the best part about doing porn is the soft robes.
Mindy: (9:43:12 PM): Hey, were you guys disappointed in the Step Up 2: The Streets, as far as sequels go?
Mindy: (9:43:50 PM): She has a dopey laugh.
Lauren: (9:43:51 PM): Are they dating gf in real life?
Mindy: (9:44:00 PM): I don't give a hell.
Lauren: (9:44:04 PM): It would have been cool if they'd had sex.
Mindy: (9:44:17 PM): On TV? That would have been hilarious.
Lauren: (9:44:42 PM): Someone should a) have sex or b) get killed.
Mindy: (9:44:57 PM): I just don't have anything to say about this dumbass animal trainer sketch.
Lauren: (9:45:36 PM): Elijah Wood can make out with me if he wants.
Mindy: (9:45:51 PM): Really? You seem so picky!
Lauren: (9:45:54 PM): Even though he would only come up to my boobs.
Lauren: (9:46:01 PM): Now that I think about it that might be a good thing.
Mindy: (9:46:16 PM): Having a hoof for a hand is pretty funny, actually.
Mindy: (9:46:21 PM): I'll give Myers that.
Lauren: (9:46:43 PM): This sketch is making it hard for me to eat my Thai noodles.
Mindy: (9:46:55 PM): That's a crime.
Mindy: (9:47:02 PM): That cat is the star.
Angel: (9:47:04 PM): The horror. The horror. Even with my third favorite little hobbit.
Lauren: (9:47:19 PM): I need that guy to come to my house and wrangle the roaches.
Mindy: (9:47:25 PM): The calico is the only thing getting me through.
Lauren: (9:47:38 PM): Dirty mouth? Clean it up.
Mindy: (9:47:56 PM): Michael Bay!
Angel: (9:48:13 PM): There are awards?
Mindy: (9:48:20 PM): Where's David Duchovny? The X-Files movie isn't going to hawk itself.
Lauren: (9:48:21 PM): Is Nicole Scherzinger a trannie?
Mindy: (9:48:29 PM): I think she's a girl.
Lauren: (9:48:39 PM): She'd make an excellent trannie.
Lauren: (9:48:46 PM): Oh man know what we're missing right now? Transvestite Wives.

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