Can You Feel the Love Guru Tonight?

by Angel Cohn June 1, 2008
MTV Movie Awards 2008 Mindy: (9:48:51 PM): What! Oh no!!!
Mindy: (9:49:25 PM): Did anyone DVR it?
Lauren: (9:49:35 PM): The only movie I'm looking forward to this summer is Stepbrother. Every time I watch the trailer I pee a little.
Mindy: (9:49:45 PM): It looks pretty phat.
Mindy: (9:50:00 PM): I'm so sorry I said that.
Lauren: (9:50:14 PM): I'm sorry too. We're all sorry.
Lauren: (9:50:44 PM): I think there might be something funny in those new Taco Bell drinks.
Mindy: (9:51:01 PM): Oh, they totally put narcotics in their food.
Mindy: (9:51:05 PM): Guys, we're in the home stretch!
Lauren: (9:51:11 PM): I am not even drunk!
Mindy: (9:51:18 PM): Me either! This is a Sunday first!
Lauren: (9:52:25 PM): Sea turtles are the new black.
Mindy: (9:52:33 PM): Right?!
Lauren: (9:53:21 PM): I'm pretty sure that Downey and I should procreate.
Mindy: (9:53:23 PM): Viva la Downey!
Mindy: (9:53:47 PM): Hillary who? I'm voting Downey, Jr.
Lauren: (9:53:56 PM): He is looking dapper.
Lauren: (9:54:08 PM): Jack Black is getting pretty gay over there.
Mindy: (9:54:20 PM): They re-attached his head!
Lauren: (9:54:36 PM): Are they allowed to say tits on tv?
Mindy: (9:54:38 PM): Hahaha Jack Black's going to sell his tits on ebay.
Mindy: (9:54:44 PM): You know, I don't know.
Mindy: (9:54:54 PM): Robots! Robots everywhere!
Lauren: (9:55:00 PM): I think Josh Duhamel should win for sexiest dumbass.
Lauren: (9:55:10 PM): ? Why is this shit nominated?
Mindy: (9:55:26 PM): Because it's not a real awards show.
Mindy: (9:55:32 PM): I Am Legend with the bullshit theatrical ending?
Lauren: (9:55:39 PM): And how is it that Michael Cera was in two movies that have been prominently featured and yet he is no where to be seen?
Mindy: (9:56:01 PM): He's over it, too. He's off somewhere with Rihanna, hating things.
Lauren: (9:56:07 PM): REALLY?
Mindy: (9:56:14 PM): Michael Bay!!!
Lauren: (9:56:17 PM): TransfuckingFORMERS? Gay as hell.
Mindy: (9:56:32 PM): Yo. You don't talk about Transformers that way!!!
Lauren: (9:56:48 PM): Clearly this is not live because Megan Fox just said the EFF word.
Mindy: (9:56:59 PM): It's on like a seven minute delay or something.
Lauren: (9:57:09 PM): Please don't stop the music but please do stop the movie awards.

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