Can You Feel the Love Guru Tonight?

by Angel Cohn June 1, 2008
MTV Movie Awards 2008 Mindy: (8:33:28 PM): Rachel Zoe!!!
Lauren: (8:33:53 PM): I am really looking forward to this Usher performance!
Mindy: (8:34:04 PM): Ya know, I wasn't before. But then I saw this promo for it every 10 minutes.
Lauren: (8:34:18 PM): And I'm not even just saying that because of all the shameless promos.
Mindy: (8:34:18 PM): Really changed my view of it.
Mindy: (8:34:37 PM): These Zune album covers are genius. Zunes, however, are not.
Lauren: (8:34:55 PM): Put those armpits away lady.
Mindy: (8:35:00 PM): This Secret deodorant is SO a Cosmo girl.

Lauren: (8:37:51 PM): Look it's that up and coming R&B artist Usher.
Mindy: (8:37:57 PM): These people in the Usher dance have every day jobs.
Lauren: (8:38:01 PM): I hear he is becoming really popular with the kids!
Mindy: (8:38:10 PM): That's how you know you can relate.
Lauren: (8:38:11 PM): Stupid accent. Drink!
Mindy: (8:38:21 PM): Drink!
Mindy: (8:38:29 PM): I'd rather have Patsy and Adina.
Mindy: (8:38:43 PM): And that hunk of cantaloupe over there.
Lauren: (8:38:45 PM): Nutter. Butter.
Lauren: (8:38:53 PM): Duck a la orange.
Angel: (8:39:13 PM): I am way too old. I don't understand this at all.
Mindy: (8:39:14 PM): She's obsessed with ham and cheese sandwiches!!!
Lauren: (8:39:19 PM): Is she?
Mindy: (8:39:23 PM): I'm not kidding, she talks about it all the time.
Lauren: (8:39:41 PM): It is because she is half-hammish.
Mindy: (8:39:42 PM): What exactly is the joke here?
Lauren: (8:39:57 PM): She's a zany old slutty broad. With an accent.
Mindy: (8:39:59 PM): A portly Australian woman who cooks for celebs?
Lauren: (8:40:01 PM): Oh, poop jokes!
Mindy: (8:40:14 PM): Well, she has pretty hair.
Lauren: (8:40:20 PM): I like how violently she said bento box.
Mindy: (8:40:52 PM): Sarah Jessica Parker is fat.
Lauren: (8:40:56 PM): SJP is the SIZE of one of Hudsons' boobs.
Lauren: (8:41:24 PM): My friend says her cups look like they were constructed by NASA.
Mindy: (8:41:25 PM): I want a hot pink bra. No fair.
Mindy: (8:41:39 PM): Hahahaha you can see them from space! Like the Great Wall of China!
Lauren: (8:41:44 PM): Michael Cera!
Mindy: (8:41:50 PM): Yeah, he's gonna take this.
Mindy: (8:42:16 PM): God, I love robots.

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