Can You Feel the Love Guru Tonight?

by Angel Cohn June 1, 2008
MTV Movie Awards 2008 Mindy: (8:42:33 PM): I hear there's going to be more Bumble Bee in the next movie.
Lauren: (8:43:05 PM): Question: why is the child up there?
Mindy: (8:43:08 PM): I got no beef with Will Smith.
Angel: (8:43:17 PM): Hey, there's someone else on this stage as old as I am... and he's admitting it.
Lauren: (8:43:26 PM): Also, is it me or is Michael Bay sort of hot?
Lauren: (8:43:34 PM): He "touched" it.
Lauren: (8:43:39 PM): OH MY GOD. Is he plugging scientology?
Angel: (8:45:49 PM): Underarm girl is back.
Lauren: (8:48:25 PM): Wayne's World!
Angel: (8:48:34 PM): Party time. Excellent.
Mindy: (8:49:06 PM): Am I wrong to think this Wayne's World reunion is AMAZING?!
Mindy: (8:49:38 PM): Ahh, Paris loves a good pubes joke. They appeal to her.
Lauren: (8:49:49 PM): Where has Dana Carvey been all my life.
Lauren: (8:50:03 PM): They just panned to Lohan.
Mindy: (8:50:04 PM): Lindsay Lohan likes bi jokes.
Mindy: (8:50:08 PM): They appeal to her.
Lauren: (8:50:12 PM): Because she is a big ol' lesbian. Which makes me like her more.
Mindy: (8:50:34 PM): Me too, actually.
Mindy: (8:50:50 PM): Cuz Sam-Ron is the real deal. It's not like going to gay for Carmen Elektra.
Lauren: (8:50:53 PM): Did I write this Top Ten list?
Lauren: (8:51:17 PM): Hudson is perplexed. But her boobs get it.
Mindy: (8:51:24 PM): She's over it.
Mindy: (8:51:34 PM): Her boobs have an uncanny sense about puns.
Lauren: (8:51:39 PM): NO they did NOT just make a scat joke.
Mindy: (8:51:49 PM): Maybe they meant the jazz style.
Lauren: (8:51:57 PM): This is like way inappropriate.
Mindy: (8:52:21 PM): Were these lists always like this?
Lauren: (8:52:26 PM): NO.
Angel: (8:52:29 PM): I just like seeing Brendan Fraser randomly laughing hysterically in the audience.
Mindy: (8:52:39 PM): With his pancake face goin' wild. Lauren: (8:52:45 PM):Chipmunkin: Storing Your Nuts in Your Cheeks.
Mindy: (8:52:48 PM): More dick jokes!
Lauren: (8:52:51 PM): That is pure comedy.
Mindy: (8:53:06 PM): Gross. Why would you store them?
Lauren: (8:53:06 PM): The nice thing about Wayne and Garth is that their wigs never age.

Lauren: (8:53:14 PM): Ohh... Anne Hathaway. I'd lez out for her.
Mindy: (8:53:27 PM): I have a huge girl crush on Hathaway.

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