MTV Movie Awards 2008 Mindy: (8:53:34 PM): She's incredibly un-annoying.
Lauren: (8:53:36 PM): Aww the Rock is going through a painful divorce.
Mindy: (8:53:44 PM): You're a buzzkill.
Lauren: (8:53:50 PM): When did he stop being the Rock and start getting real?
Mindy: (8:54:14 PM): What exactly is the joke here?
Mindy: (8:54:29 PM): Carell talks loud? And The Rock doesn't like it?
Mindy: (8:54:37 PM): Ohh, right. Back to your standard dick jokes.
Lauren: (8:54:42 PM): Who are they talking to?
Mindy: (8:54:51 PM): The middle school boys who wrote this banter.
Mindy: (8:55:09 PM): I'm rooting for Larry the Cable Guy here
Lauren: (8:55:13 PM): Obviously, Jonah is going to win.
Mindy: (8:55:17 PM): I heard Chromeo!
Lauren: (8:55:31 PM): Adam Sandler can feel free to go away anytime.
Mindy: (8:55:39 PM): I concur.
Mindy: (8:55:57 PM): Do you guys remember Farmer Stinky Thumbs Arbuckle? Greatest Sandler character ever.
Lauren: (8:56:15 PM): WOW.
Lauren: (8:56:20 PM): It just got HOT in HERE.
Mindy: (8:56:21 PM): Johnny Depp showed up to this mess???
Angel: (8:56:22 PM): Is that really Johnny Depp?
Lauren: (8:56:26 PM): OH MY LORD.
Mindy: (8:56:26 PM): What's France doing without him???
Angel: (8:56:28 PM): Is he clean?
Mindy: (8:56:30 PM): Who's in charge???
Angel: (8:56:33 PM): I'm so confused.
Lauren: (8:56:34 PM): 21 Jump STREET
Mindy: (8:56:34 PM): I think he is!
Angel: (8:56:35 PM): He looks like 15.
Mindy: (8:56:38 PM): I'm freaking out!
Lauren: (8:56:47 PM): Also, what's with the bandana in the pocket.
Angel: (8:56:48 PM): Where's his hat and dirty hair?
Lauren: (8:56:54 PM): Does that mean he is gay?
Mindy: (8:57:05 PM): The world is upside down now. Like the ship in I>Pirates 3.
Mindy: (8:57:24 PM): That was the least funny thing I've ever said.
Lauren: (8:57:25 PM): How did MTV wrangle his fine ass?
Mindy: (8:57:30 PM): NO idea.
Lauren: (8:57:45 PM): I am really, really, really, really afraid of Verne Troyer.
Mindy: (8:58:00 PM): Little people can't tell the difference between real popcorn and fake popcorn. Much like chimps.
Angel: (8:58:00 PM): They spent all the money that they used to spend on blue screening the semi-famous into movies on flying Johnny Depp across country.

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