Can You Feel the Love Guru Tonight?

by Angel Cohn June 1, 2008
MTV Movie Awards 2008 Mindy: (8:58:20 PM): Well I think it was money well spent.
Lauren: (8:58:26 PM): Know what is almost as scary as Verne Troyer?
Lauren: (8:58:29 PM): Horny monkeys.
Lauren: (8:58:44 PM): This commercial is going to make me vomit.
Mindy: (8:58:58 PM): I am so horrified.
Angel: (8:59:20 PM): Is this part of the actual show?
Lauren: (8:59:23 PM): Yes.
Angel: (8:59:26 PM): This is pathetic.
Mindy: (8:59:30 PM): The Orbit girl is the biggest star in Hollywood.

Lauren: (8:59:39 PM): Nooo!!!! Cruise is looking like a Lutheran pastor.
Mindy: (8:59:40 PM): Xenu alert!
Mindy: (9:00:08 PM): He's fingering his wedding ring.
Mindy: (9:00:13 PM): You know, just in case we forgot.
Lauren: (9:00:15 PM): Wondering whtat the fuck he is doing here.
Lauren: (9:00:29 PM): He's Morse Coding his Scientology friends.
Mindy: (9:00:30 PM): I totally thought it was going to be Adam West.
Mindy: (9:00:37 PM): Which would have been better.
Angel: (9:00:49 PM): Is he trying to be funny?
Angel: (9:00:52 PM): It isn't working.
Mindy: (9:01:05 PM): Yeah, listing Sandler characters doesn't count as "jokes".
Mindy: (9:01:30 PM): Those seizure lips in the background are a hazard.
Lauren: (9:01:42 PM): I'm bored.
Lauren: (9:01:54 PM): This has been going on for like 30 seconds.
Mindy: (9:01:55 PM): Wait? Do you guys think he's talking about Risky Business?
Lauren: (9:02:38 PM): This is really dumb.
Angel: (9:02:43 PM): Oh good lord. Is he doing an Adam Sandler impression? From 15 years ago?
Lauren: (9:02:57 PM): MTV is giving out a lifetime achievement award.
Angel: (9:03:06 PM): That seems so wrong.
Lauren: (9:03:14 PM): And he must feel really really really old.
Mindy: (9:03:32 PM): I'm like the only comedy fan in the world who hates Canteen Boy.
Angel: (9:03:52 PM): I haven't been paying attention.
Mindy: (9:04:04 PM): It's nothing you haven't seen before.
Angel: (9:04:17 PM): Have they shown any clips of him from when he was actually on MTV in Remote Control?
Lauren: (9:04:25 PM): Not that I saw.
Angel: (9:04:30 PM): Or do they not want to admit that they used to have programming before Tila Tequila?
Lauren: (9:04:49 PM): Ohh here comes the serious portion of this montage.
Mindy: (9:04:50 PM): Billy Idol gets it!

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