Homeland Q&A

TWoP: Yes. The episode where we see Brody with the little boy -- and the spin by the American VP on that attack on a school in Afghanistan -- was extremely impactful.
Lewis: The thing that I think is important about Brody is that he was, is and always will be a soldier. He will respond like a soldier. He identifies an enemy, and in this case it seems pretty clear that it is Vice President Walden, for what he considers a terrorist act of sending unmanned drones into school. I am aware that is a very liberal viewpoint to take politically and there will be more right wing conservatives who say, "This is so ridiculous. And are you justifying terrorism? Saying we're worse than they are?" The show is careful, I think, to say not that one is worse than the other, but that they are versions of the same thing. Not all Americans... this is the thing. I think it was right... which is my own particular viewpoint, but I think it is the majority held viewpoint, which is that it was right to commit some sort of war on terror to deal with [9/11] in some way. But I think a large portion of the electorate believe the way we've gone about it hasn't... did we target the right people? Did we do it the right way? And that's a grayer area. That's the world we are in now ten years later and I think this show accurately reflects that.

TWoP: Have you gotten any response from actual American military personnel about this show?
Lewis: Well... have I had soldiers come up? No. I haven't actually, and we're filming it in the South, in North Carolina. I had one moment with some guy who was a little bit drunk after a barbecue and he said, "This is gonna upset a lot of Americans." And I couldn't disagree with him. It probably will. It's provocative and interesting.

TWoP: I think it's great that this show is on Showtime because you can get away with a little bit more than you would on regular network, and they are willing to give it more of a chance.
Lewis: Yes. Of course. But it's boring, I don't want to talk about subscriptions and advertising.

TWoP: Not just that, but premium cable and non-premium cable -- like FX -- both have a little more leeway.
Lewis: Though they got rid of Damages, as we [Lewis and the publicists in the room] were just talking about.

TWoP: But that might be money too, Glenn Close probably costs a lot... that would be my guess. Lewis: [Laughs] I'm not cheap either. But yes. Showtime is likely to give something -- if it has succeeded enough -- two or three seasons and get people on board and get people interested. There are so many different ways to catch up with shows now, downloads and repeats and box sets and streaming.

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